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Erotic Romance Sensual Romance Silhouette Special Edition
Wild Hearts, Book 1
Contemporary Romance
 ( June 4, 2019)

~ Latest Release ~
Wild Hungry Hearts

Friends to Lovers . . .to Forever?

Esme Esterbrook had always carried a torch for her gorgeous, sexy best friend Jude Beckett, even though she kept that secret locked away from the rest of the world, most especially Jude. When they unexpectedly meet up in a hotel elevator as adults, some serious fireworks go off between them. Esme wakes up the next morning, horrified that she’s ruined an amazing friendship. She panics and runs from Jude. But now, a mysterious family meeting has called her back to their hometown . . . and she’s about to be reminded that there’s no hiding from a determined Jude Beckett.

Jude had learned long ago to lock down his lust for Esme. He’d suffered the loss of both of his parents at a young age. Esme became not only his best friend during that turbulent time, but his mainstay . . . his link to the joys of childhood and a normal life. He couldn’t afford to make a mistake and lose Esme as a friend. But as he watched her dance for him in the hotel that night, he realized something had changed between them. He dares to touch her. It’s a choice that will burn him to the core . . . and change him forever.

Amidst the shocking truths that are being revealed between their two families, and an old, deeply regretted mistake, Jude and Esme have to find a way to connect in a whole new way. To discover if friends-to-lovers is a fantasy, or a happily-ever-after reality, they’re going to have to risk everything . . . including their hearts….


Make Me Serial
Contemporary Erotic Romance

Make Me Forget (Make Me #1)
Make Me Forget
Part I
April 5, 2016
Make Me Tremble (Make Me #2)
Make Me Tremble
Part II
April 12, 2016
Make Me Say It (Make Me #3)
Make Me Say It
Part III
April 19, 2016
Make Me Desperate (Make Me #4)
Make Me Desperate
Part IV
April 26, 2016
Make Me Risk It (Make Me #5)
Make Me Risk It
Part V
May 3, 2016
Make Me Feel (Make Me #6)
Make Me Feel
Part VI
May 10, 2016
Make Me Remember (Make Me #7)
Make Me Remember
Part VII
May 17, 2016
Make Me Forever (Make Me #8)
Make Me Forever
May 24, 2016

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Paranormal & Time Travel

Daring Time
Daring Time
Time Travel

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The Affair
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Because You Are Mine
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When I'm With You
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Book 3

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