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Erotic Romance Sensual Romance Silhouette Special Edition
Claiming Colleen
Home to Harbor Town, Book 3
February 21, 2012
ISBN-13: 9780373656592
ISBN-10: 0373656599




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Claiming Colleen


In high school, small-town princess Colleen Kavanaugh had had it all, and Eric Reyes was the outsider with his nose pressed against the glass. Then a sudden change in circumstance led to a reversal of fortune. Now Eric was a wealthy, successful, arrogant surgeon who rubbed the onetime golden girl the wrong way.

When an ironic twist of fate forced Eric and Colleen back together, the single mom found herself drawn to the irresistible doctor despite their dark history. Sure, she’d felt something for Eric when they were teenagers, but those memories were long forgotten—or so she thought. It wasn’t long before he wooed her into his arms…and his bed. But could their newfound passion lead to the happily-ever-after of their dreams?

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“It’s just a reality check,” Eric reminded her, his voice low and compelling.

She glanced up into his eyes and wished she hadn’t. She couldn’t seem to look away.

“You know…to remind our siblings that passion can cloud the brain.”

“Oh, yes. Because we all should be as rational and clearheaded as
you,” Colleen replied under her breath.

“What’s that?” he asked, dipping his head toward her as though to
hear her better.

“Nothing,” she muttered, because much to her shock his face was now only inches away from hers, and those eyes she’d formerly designated as
the bedroom variety were latched on to her mouth.

“Mind if I ask you a question?” She watched his firm, shapely lips moving as if in a trance.

“Okay,” she murmured.

“Sixteen months ago I kissed you, and a few months later, you slugged me in the jaw in the parking lot at Jake’s Place.”

Her mouth fell open, but she didn’t utter a word. She didn’t know what shocked her more: the fact that Eric had brought up that kiss on Sunset Beach again or his reference to her impassioned, impulsive slug to his jaw last summer…or possibly the fact that said sexy jaw was now hovering mere inches away from her upturned face.

“I…I’ve never apologized for that. I’m really sorry,” she whispered. Just thinking about it mortified her. It’d been a hot, sultry night, and Eric had got into a confrontation with her brothers, Liam and Marc. Old emotions regarding the crash had boiled to the surface. Colleen had made a fool of herself by stopping the fight by jumping in front of her brothers and punching Eric herself.

Not one of her finer moments.

Eric and she were the only two people on the entire planet who knew that impulsive act, in large part, related to what had occurred on Sunset Beach months before. That physical action was an admission, in a sense, that Eric had gotten to her, and he must know that. Colleen hadn’t realized until that moment how much a secret tied you to another person. She struggled to think up an excuse for her volatile behavior that summer night.

“We Kavanaughs are rather…protective of one another. You know how
family can be,” she said apologetically.

“I do,” he said in a hushed tone. “But I didn’t bring it up because I was looking for an apology.”


He shook his head slowly. She couldn’t pull her gaze off the firm, shapely lips centered above the indentation of that cleft on his chin.

“I brought it up because I wanted to ask you something…something I’ve
wondered about.”

She stood frozen t o the spot, even though she knew she should back
away. His dark head dipped slightly. His breath, warm and fragrant, brushed against her nose and lips. The subtle scent of his spicy aftershave filtered into her nose. She inhaled, greedy for it.

“Do you regret that kiss?” he asked.

For a stretched few seconds, neither spoke. The silence was absolute. Colleen wondered if they both held their breath.

“I keep trying to regret it but—”

She never finished her sentence, because he leaned down and closed the distance between them, seizing her mouth with his. One second she’d been Eric-less, and the next she was submerged in him, overwhelmed by the feeling of his demanding lips and singular taste. She stumbled in her boots. In fact, she later wondered with rising horror if she hadn’t
swooned. He caught her, holding her firmly in his arms. But what woman wouldn’t be caught off balance—and thrilled by her dizziness—while being consumed by Eric Reyes?

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Strong, genuine, interesting characters, and an intricate plot infused with sweet romance make this a good read.
4 Stars – RT Book Reviews

This story is as well written as the other two, and I am looking forward to Book 4.
Grade A – The Good, The Bad and the Unread

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