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Erotic Romance Sensual Romance Silhouette Special Edition
Captured By You
One Night of Passion, Novella
Erotic Romance
Berkley Heat
October 2, 2012




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Captured by You

Her capture will set her free…

Aussie playboy, world traveler and landscape photographer Chance Hathoway recognizes a miracle of nature when he sees it. He comes upon her unaware, swimming in the nude. Camera in hand, his instinct is to capture her ripe, naked abandon. But he longs to possess more than just her image…

When Sherona Legion suddenly discovers that she’s being watched at her most vulnerable she’s surprised at her reaction. It’s not embarrassment or anger. It’s pure, unabashed arousal. She likes it—enough so that she’s willing to take an unprecedented risk with the sexy photographer.

Thrilled at having the exhibitionist in her awakened, she agrees to Chance’s offer to pose for a series of nude photographs—stimulating tableaus of bondage. It leads Chance and Sherona to intimate and unparalleled experimentation. But how much is Sherona really ready to give to a complete stranger? And how much more can Chance take?

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His arousal mounted as the water level hit her knees and then her calves and more and more of her goddess-like form was revealed. He didn’t normally photograph humans. They were so contrived in comparison to landscapes and wild animals. But this woman—this magnificent creature—was an exception. She epitomized natural grace. Sex was a primal, crucial part of nature, after all.

And she was sex walking.

She stood in the shallows, panting softly from her exercise, and brought a tail of long, dark hair around her right shoulder. She squeezed, releasing the excess moisture. He could hear the water dripping into the lake, see the droplets sprinkle on her heaving breasts. She slid her hand over the back of her head and released a restraining band. Wavy wet tendrils of hair fell around her shoulders and chest, coming within an inch of her voluptuous breasts.

He knew the precise moment when she realized she was being observed. Had she heard the click of his camera? She went still. He focused on her face. Her wet pink lips parted in dawning surprise. Her eyes were large and brandy-colored. They were trained directly on him.

He stood and looked at her with his naked eye. About thirty-five feet separated them. He’d photographed many a wild animal in locations across the globe. It was always an intoxicating, almost eerie moment when an animal first noticed him and, for a second or two, their awareness—human and beast, object and subject—melded.

Meeting this woman’s stare sent a thrill through him unlike anything he’d ever known. What would she do? Rush over to him and yell at him for his presumption? Scream? As far as he knew, there wasn’t anyone near the deserted location in the woods. The recent storm had chased most of the hikers and fisherman out of the forest. Perhaps she’d run. Something about her almost preternatural stillness reminded him of an animal before it took flight.

But then her arms fell docilely to her sides and her spine straightened, causing her breasts to thrust forward slightly. Otherwise, she remained immobile, her gaze never leaving him. He didn’t know why, but her open, unmoving pose triggered something in him. He didn’t know for certain if her posture was an invitation. It felt like it, though.

He bent to the camera and doggedly continued an impossible task—to capture the essence of a goddess.

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