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Sunday Morning Snippet: Make Me
Sunday, April 3rd, 2016

Good morning! The Make Me serial begins this Tuesday! You’re not going to want to miss Jacob and Harper’s journey together. Here is a little sneak peek!


This is what it all had come to. Jacob Latimer was back to the beginning, once again no better than that helpless boy, bewildered and laid bare with a need he couldn’t comprehend, but which owned him, nevertheless.

He’d been taken back against his will, back to those days and nights in the West Virginia wilderness, of moments of innocence and sweetness, of camaraderie and abiding trust, of the first knowledge of sexual hunger and jarring betrayal . . .
Of Emmitt Tharp. Of casual cruelty, and blinding fear.

Now he was going to have to make sure Harper continued to forget, even while he remembered with painful clarity.

* * *
Release Dates: Every Tuesday for 8 weeks beginning 4/5.

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