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Welcome guest author Tracy Wolff!
Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

Welcome to friend and fellow author, Tracy Wolff! Tracy has two sexy, fast-paced novels out right now for a very nice price of 2.99! If you hadn’t tried Tracy’s work yet, now is the time to get some serious heat! (And don’t those awesome covers just make you want more?)

For fans of Sylvia Day, E. L. James, and J. Kenner, the author of the edgy and erotic Full Exposure delivers another explosive tale of seduction and suspense.


As the only woman on her homicide squad, star investigator Genevieve Delacroix maintains a tough-as-nails attitude that keeps men at arm’s length. She never gives in to her secret fantasies—until she meets a mysterious stranger who teaches her how little control she really has over her mind or her body.

Cole Adams arrives in New Orleans believing Genevieve is his last hope for solving the murder of his younger sister. He just doesn’t expect the hard-bitten detective to look like a blond bombshell. Once he breaks through her inhibitions, he soon finds an unexpected obsession driving Genevieve right to the edge of desire . . . and beyond. But when the serial killer who has been terrorizing the streets of the French Quarter sets his sights on Genevieve, they realize that they both have let down their guard. And losing control can have fatal consequences.

Praise for Tie Me Down

“An intoxicating blend of suspense and eroticism that will leave readers breathless!”—New York Times bestselling author Maya Banks

“Snares you in the first chapter with its detail of the desperation and need of the characters, and then keeps you enthralled as the plot unravels. Wolff grabs your attention and doesn’t let you go. A great read!”—Fresh Fiction

“All I can say is hot, hot, hot! Murder, mystery, and sex that sizzles—what more can a gal ask for? Warning—read this story with a fan ready at hand.”—Bestselling author Sunny

“The sex is wild, exotic, and inventive in Wolff’s serial-killer thriller.”—RT Book Reviews

Cole Adams slid onto the barstool next to the blond bombshell with more curves than a baseball and wondered how to start up the conversation he was dying to have.
Should he open with the truth? He wasn’t sure how well this beautiful woman would take to the fact that he’d been researching her for months. That he’d followed her from the police station. That he’d been lurking around outside the precinct, waiting for her to come out for nearly an hour.
That he wanted a whole lot more from her than she’d be willing to give.
He’d meant to stop her there, to tell her what he wanted right from the start. But she’d looked so enraged—and miserable—that he couldn’t help wondering what had caused the devastation written so clearly on her face.
But before he could decide how to approach her, Genevieve had started off at a walk so fast it was nearly a run, and he’d been forced to follow her or lose his chance.
He couldn’t afford to mess this up. Not now, when he’d finally gotten everything set up the way he wanted it.
Glancing at Genevieve out of the corner of his eye, he nearly snorted. Yeah, right. Things were going exactly as he’d planned.
Except that she looked more likely to shoot him than listen to him.
Plus, the speech he’d prepared sounded incredibly stupid now. Like a bad pickup line instead of the appeal to her conscience he’d intended.
Maybe he was just paranoid—and who could blame him? He’d done his homework on the NOPD so thoroughly that the face of every homicide detective on the force was familiar to him by now. But Genevieve’s picture hadn’t done her justice. On the computer screen, her hair had looked more of a dirty gray than the honey blond it really was, and her ample curves had been hidden under an ill-fitting suit. Now Cole was struggling to deal with the arousal that had wrapped around his gut like a fist at his first sight of her, and had only gotten worse as he’d watched her sinuous glide through the Quarter.
Looking at her from beneath his lashes, he watched her long, unpainted fingernails tap an impatient rhythm on the bar as she leaned back on her barstool in a parody of relaxation. What did it say about him that the guarded accessibility of her frame—combined with the sight of those loose, feminine fingers—had him longing for the feel of her against him? For the feel of her hand on his suddenly—and unexpectedly—hard cock?
Fuck, damn, shit. What was he, a horny teenager who couldn’t keep his dick under control? Or a man who knew what he wanted, one with a secret to unravel and could find only one woman to help him do it?
This couldn’t be happening. Not now, when he was so close to getting the ball rolling. Not now, when he had Detective Genevieve Delacroix almost exactly where he wanted her.
But it was happening, his body spinning rapidly out of control while his mind struggled to find a way to approach her that she wouldn’t find threatening—or annoying.
“So, can I buy you a drink?” Her question came out of nowhere, in a no-nonsense tone and a voice that was pure, sugary Georgia peach. Smooth and silky and sweetly delicious, despite the hint of hard-ass he heard just below the surface.
Surprise swept through him, and he wondered if she would taste as good as she sounded. The contrast between her voice and her tone intrigued him, one more example of the numerous contradictions that seemed to make her up.
The lush body covered by that ridiculous suit.
The indolent pose belied by the watchful eyes.
The gorgeous voice with the don’t-fuck-with-me tone.
It made him wonder who the real Genevieve Delacroix was. Made him want to fuck with her—to fuck her—and to hell with the consequences.
As he struggled to regain control—to keep his eye on the prize—the wicked curve of her lips kept interfering with his concentration.
“What are you offering?” He kept his voice low as he angled his body toward hers, savoring the rush of arousal pouring through him. Inconvenient or not, it had been far too long since he’d felt this instantaneous reaction to a woman.
Her barely-there smile turned into a smirk. “That depends what you ask for.”

Full Exposure

In Tracy Wolff’s sizzling novel of erotic tension—perfect for fans of Sylvia Day, E. L. James, and J. Kenner—sex and suspense steam up the sultry bayou.


Desperate to leave a traumatic past behind, photographer Serena Macafee prefers sex with no strings attached—no commitment, just pure pleasure. Her new subject, sculptor Kevin Riley, seems like the perfect man to fulfill her hottest fantasies. And where better than the torrid wetlands of Baton Rouge, where Kevin works—and plays? But as their sessions heat up, so do Serena’s feelings for Kevin.

As she opens herself up to emotions she never wanted, Serena leaves herself vulnerable to everything she thought she’d escaped. As her guard breaks down, her fears are aroused. Something has followed her to the sweltering southern bayou, exposing her to the twisted fantasies of someone in the shadows—and to dangers beyond her wildest dreams.

Praise for Full Exposure

“A first-rate tale . . . [Wolff] combines the adrenaline of a psychological thriller with the intensity of an exquisitely sensual romance while skillfully exploring the deepest emotions of her characters.”—RT Book Reviews (Top Pick)

“Edgy and erotic . . . a sultry, red-hot read.”—New York Times bestselling author Shannon McKenna

“This book kept me on the edge of my seat. . . . I recommend Full Exposure wholeheartedly.”—Fresh Fiction

“The perfect read . . . I adored Full Exposure.”—Romance Junkies

Includes a special message from the editor, as well as excerpts from other Loveswept titles.

Purchase Full Exposure

Giving Away 5 Print ARC’s of BECAUSE WE BELONG
Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

Because We Belong, the third book in the Because You Are Mine series is out November 5. In the build-up to the release, I’m giving away 5 print advanced review copies at my facebook page. Just like my page and then leave a brief comment to enter. Winner announced Friday, October 4! www.facebook.com/beth.kery

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