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Vivian Arend at the When I’m With You Contest, 5 Days to Go!
Thursday, February 28th, 2013

Talented author Vivian Arend is here to mix things up for the When I’m With You countdown! Viv has a very sexy, adventuresome romance coming out on March 5, HIGH RISK! Check it out, and ‘like’ this feature at my facebook page in order to be in the draw for tomorrow’s prize, a Viv Arend Swag Pack!


High Risk

Adrenaline, Book 1 available March 5!

LIFELINE: an elite search-and-rescue squad based out of Banff, Alberta. Specializing in high-risk rescue missions, this team goes wherever the job takes them…??

Rebecca James was once revered for her devil-may-care attitude and backcountry survival skills. But ever since she lost her partner in a fatal accident, patches of her memory have been missing. And until she can recall those final, tragic moments before the accident, she can’t move on.

Since Marcus Landers was permanently injured during a mission, all his energies have been focused on his Lifeline team. When Becki—whom he had an intense affair with seven years ago—arrives in Banff, he’s inspired to reignite the spark they once had. Their mutual ardor slowly awakens Becki’s dormant, haunting memories.

New truths surface until Becki must at last confront her greatest fear. Remembering the past might mean a future without the man she loves…

Countdown, Day 2. Win a $15.00 Amazon Gift Card, The Alpha Male
Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

Welcome to Day 2 of the Countdown to both When I’m With You, my new erotic romance serial novel, and Because You Are Mine, Complete on March 5!

Today, I’m giving away a $15 Amazon gift card to one person who “likes” the Day 2 entry at my facebook page! Winner announced tonight at midnight at my facebook page.

Being in the Alpha Male’s Head, BECAUSE YOU ARE MINE

All types of POV have their advantage in regard to storytelling. I’ve always loved writing both from the hero and heroine’s POV, believing it amplifies tension and gives the more complete picture of what’s occurring in the romance. But more than that, I’m just partial to being in the hero’s head. Most romance readers are women, and so the heroine is often more relatable. We ‘get’ a woman a bit better because we are (for the most part) women. A hero, especially an alpha male, is more of a challenge. I like the idea of giving the reader a more layered, complete picture of what’s going on in this complex, often stoic, highly in control character.

The alpha male is the man-myth diluted and distilled. He’s the protector, the height of physical strength, the smartest, the loyalist, the ultimate lover. He’s often flawed, however, but that’s okay. It might help the reader to sympathize if she knows the inner workings of Alpha’s mind and soul. Even when he’s convinced he could never love the heroine, or be loved in return, or says sharp things to her, or comes off like a complete ass, if we’ve been given privy to his thoughts and feelings, we at least get why he’s the way he is, and empathy can build as we watch him grow.

My alpha hero in Because You Are Mine is Ian Noble. Ian is not only a sexual dominant, he controls his entire world with an iron grip. Fortunately, control suits him in a high-stakes corporate world. His authoritarian manner also works extremely well for scorching, intense D/s-type sex with beautiful women who move quickly in and out of his life, but for an intimate relationship? Not so much. Enter artist Francesca Arno—fresh, beautiful, a strange combination of innocence, defiance and the vision of an old soul. She pulls at Ian, even as he tries to resist her allure. Something about her tempts him beyond logic. Since we, as the reader, get to be in Ian’s head at times, we begin to understand things even before Ian does. Francesca represents all the innocence of his lost youth. She also has the ability to see his suffering and treat it with her artist’s sensitive soul. She challenges him…softens him.

At the heart of romance is its transformative effect on the hero and heroine. It’s only love if the characters are able to reach deep inside the other and cause healing or growth. We end up cheering for the couple, but also for the hero and heroine individually. The only problem is, we all resist change. It’s inevitable. But then there’s the moment when the alpha hero recognizes the holes in their heart and spirit and begins to long to be worthy of the heroine’s love. In doing so, he transforms.

Here’s a quick peek into Ian Noble’s head:


Short excerpt: Because You Are Mine

He paused presently in the foyer of the penthouse. She was there. No sound emanated from the depths of his residence, but somehow he knew Francesca worked in her ad hoc studio. Was she still sketching on the massive canvas? He suddenly pictured her perfectly, her beautiful face tense with concentration, her dark eyes flickering back and forth between her quickly moving pencil and the view. She became somber and formidable as a judge when she worked, all of her self-consciousness burned to mist by her brilliant talent and an uncommon grace that she didn’t appear to know she possessed.

She also was ignorant of her potent sexual appeal. He, on the other hand, was acutely aware of its promise and power. Unfortunately, he was equally conscious of her naïveté. He could practically smell it surrounding her; her innocence intermingled with an untested sexuality, creating a heady perfume that had set him off balance.

Today, I’m giving away a $15 Amazon gift card to one person who “likes” the Day 2 entry at my facebook page!

Come on March 5! Countdown to the release of When I’m With You and Because You Are Mine, Complete
Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

Eight days to the release date of my newest serial, When I’m With You AND Because You Are Mine, the complete novel (print and ebook)! Hurray!

I’ll be doing a seven day giveaway countdown at my facebook page, so go there to “like” the entry and join in the giveaway. I’ll be giving a tidbit of information about one of the two books for the next seven days, and giving away a prize. Today’s giveaway is a print copy of Because You Are Mine, the complete book! Come on March 5!


What is the scoop with When I’m With You?

So what is the deal with When I’m With You and how does it relate to Because You Are Mine? I’ve had my fair share of people ask this, so I’ll reply to it here, plus announce the Day 1 giveaway!

When I’m With You is a serial erotic romance, an extremely steamy love story being released initially as Because You Are Mine was released, as an 8 part serial, each installment coming out every Tuesday. The hero and heroine of When I’m With You are feisty-with-a-heart-of-gold-bad-girl heiress Elise Martin and the only man who has the hope of taming her, handsome-as-the-devil-with-a-secret, Lucien Savauge. Now many people are asking, what about Ian and Francesca from Because You Are Mine? Ian and Francesca are in When I’m With You, and a major part of their romance unfolds in this book, preparing the reader for the third book, Because We Belong, which is out in November. When I’m With You is a very steamy, extremely emotional romance between two people who may seem like they’ve had it all–money, status, looks–but really have lived in a gilded cage. Lucien has escaped that gilded cage, and Elise longs to. But she has to learn a little control for once in her life…and Lucien is the only one she’ll allow to teach her…or who could possibly could accomplish the task. The three books create an overall story arc, with themes of family, sacrifice and the power of letting go of control in order to truly find it. I found Lucien and Elise’s story to be funny at times, heartwarming and emotional at others and always, always sexy.

Don’t forget to ‘like’ this entry at my facebook page in order to be in the draw for a print copy of Because You Are Mine, also out on 3/5.


Excerpt: Because You Are Mine, The Complete Novel
Monday, February 18th, 2013

From the New York Times Bestselling author Beth Kery comes a red-hot romance like no other—where the rules of attraction are broken with that first electrifying touch. Meet Francesca and Ian.



She loved this piece. It’d killed her to give it up, but rent must be paid.

The Cat That Walks By Himself,” Ian said from behind her, his voice sounding gruff .

She smiled and laughed softly at hearing him say the title she’d given the painting. “ ‘I am the Cat who walks by himself, and all places are alike to me.’ I painted this in my sophomore year of undergrad. I was taking an English literature class at the time, and we were studying Kipling. The phrase seemed to fit somehow . . .”

Her voice trailed off as she stared at the solitary figure in the painting, her entire awareness sharply focused on the man who stood behind her. She glanced back at Ian and smiled. It embarrassed her to realize tears burned in her eyes. His nostrils flared slightly, and she turned abruptly, wiping her cheeks. It had touched something deep inside her, seeing her painting in the depths of his home.

“I think I’d better get going,” she said.

Her heart started to do a drumroll in her ears in the heavy silence that followed.

“Perhaps it’s best,” he said eventually. She turned and gave a sigh of relief— or was it regret— when she saw his tall form exiting the room. She followed him, murmuring a thanks when he held up her jean jacket once they reached the entryway. He resisted when she tried to take it from him. She swallowed and turned her back to him, letting him put it on her. His knuckles brushed against the skin of her shoulders. She repressed a shudder when he slid his hand beneath her long hair, skimming her nape in the process.

He gently drew her hair out of the jacket and smoothed it over her back. She couldn’t repress a shiver and suspected he felt it beneath his hand.

“Such a rare color,” he murmured, still stroking her hair, sending the alert status of her nerves up another notch.

“Will you come here to paint?” he asked, his deep voice echoing just inches from her right ear. She stared in front of her, unseeing.


“I’d like you to start on Monday. I’ll have Lin provide you with an entry card and password to the elevator. Your supplies will be ready for you when you come.”

“I can’t come every day. I have class— mostly in the morning—and I waitress from seven to close several days a week.”

“Come whenever you can. The point is, you’ll come.”

“Yes, all right,” she managed through a constricted throat. He hadn’t removed his hand from her back. Could he feel her heart throbbing?

She had to get out of there. Now. She was way out of her depth.

She lurched toward the elevator, pushing a button on the control panel hastily. If she’d thought he’d try to touch her again, she’d thought wrong. The sleek elevator door slid open.

“Francesca?” he said as she hurried inside.

“Yes?” she asked, turning.

He stood with his hands behind his back, the posture causing his suit jacket to open, revealing a shirt- draped lean abdomen, narrow hips, a silver belt buckle, and . . . everything beneath it.

“Now that you have some financial security, I would prefer you didn’t wander the streets of Chicago in the early morning hours in order to find your inspiration. You never know what you might encounter. It’s dangerous.”

Her mouth dropped open in stunned amazement. He stepped forward and pushed a button on the panel, causing the doors to slide closed. The last glimpse she had of him was his gleaming blue- eyed stare in an otherwise impassive face. Her heartbeat escalated to a roar in her ears.

She’d painted him four years ago. That’s what he was telling her— that he knew she’d observed him walking the dark, lonely streets in the dead of the night while the rest of the world slumbered, warm and content in their beds. Francesca hadn’t realized the identity of her inspiration at the time, nor had he probably known he was being observed until he saw the painting, but there could be no doubt of it.

Ian Noble was the cat who walked by himself.

And he’d wanted her to know it.

Facebook giveaway! Soulbound by Tessa Adams
Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

I have another exciting giveaway for you guys!

My good friend and wonderfully talented writer Tessa Adams (aka Tracy Wolff) has a book out! It’s a YA, and if you haven’t read Tracy’s sexy books yet, or Tessa’s YA’s, you should definitely dive in for a treat. I’m giving away a copy of SOULBOUND to ONE randomly chosen commenter on my FACEBOOK page of the same post you see here. (facebook.com/beth.kery)


Here’s a bit about Tracy’s book, SOULBOUND, out now!

As the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter—and a member of Ipswitch’s Royal family—Xandra Morgan should be a witch of incredible power. But things don’t always turn out like you expect…

While she hasn’t lived up to her family’s expectations, Xandra has come to terms with her latent magic and made a life for herself in Austin, Texas, running a coffee shop where she makes potions of a non-magical nature. While things aren’t perfect, Xandra is happy—until she runs into powerful warlock Declan Chumomisto.

Xandra hasn’t seen Declan in years, and though she’s still overwhelmed by his power, she doesn’t trust him. And when her own powers awaken one night and lead her to the body of a woman in the woods bearing the symbol of Isis—the same one that has marked Xandra since the day she met Declan—she’s filled with a terrible suspicion, soon confirmed: the woman is connected to him.

Xandra doesn’t want to believe that Declan is capable of murder, but as the body count mounts, and Xandra’s own powers spiral out of control, she’s not sure she can trust her own instincts.


Sounds good, no? Purchase Soulbound here.

and be sure to leave a comment for Tracy/Tessa on my Facebook page in order to enter for a free copy of Soulbound next week! (check here for winner).

When I’m With You: Snippet, Meet Lucien
Friday, February 1st, 2013

Yes, you’ve already met Lucien in Because You Are Mine…but he’s not who you might think. His mysterious presence and mission in regard to entrepreneur Ian Noble puzzles Elise Martin, who knew Lucien as a child when they were both prisoners in the gilded cage of their privileged backgrounds. He’s enigmatic, drop dead gorgeous…and the only man in the world who can ever hope to control Elise.

When I'm With You: Part I

Beginning 3/5/13 with each new installment coming out on Tuesdays: New York Times bestselling author Beth Kery’s blistering new novel of a man and woman bound by the scandalous secrets of the past—and by the sexual hunger that still fuels their uncontrollable desires…

Restaurateur and self-exiled heir Lucien Lenault’s first look at the breathtaking young chef trainee for his trendy Chicago restaurant is a shock. She’s Elise Martin, daughter of a wealthy French fashion designer. She’s also the holder of a secret that could explode his carefully laid plans.

Notorious for her flagrant exhibitionism, and for flouting the respectable façade of her aristocratic background, the coquine’s wild streak shocked most people. Not Lucien. He was tempted by it. It was a deliriously punishable offense as far as Lucien was concerned. But taking on Elise is more than a game. She’s a catastrophe waiting to happen, an inferno that’s burned many a lover. Lucien isn’t most men, however, and he won’t allow her to manipulate him. In order to control the defiant beauty—in order to see her submit—he’s going to have to willingly walk in the flames…

When I’m With You Snippet

He pulled on her, drawing her closer, so that her body brushed against his hard length and the fullness behind his fly. He scorched her with that almost otherworldly stare. She waited on a sharp ledge of anticipation, her breath burning in her lungs, when he lowered his head until their mouths were just inches apart.

“You’ve always tested me. You’ll always be that girl I remember, foolishly poking at a sleeping snake. You’d better get out of here. You’ve been begging without words to be disciplined since you were a girl, and you have no idea how much I’d love to give you what you so richly deserve . . . what you need.”

He noticed her wide-eyed, shocked expression and smiled grimly. “Not so sure of yourself now, are you?” he asked, his voice a low, purring threat. “What do you say? Do you want to stay with me and get what you need, ma chère?”

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