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Archive for December, 2012

Look What I Just Got!
Friday, December 28th, 2012

My lovely author copies of Addicted to You for the UK, New Zealand and Australia market! This, along with the novella ebook only Bound to You, releases on January 3! Addicted to You will be available in print and ebook!


Here’s a blurb and excerpt of Addicted to You, Katie and Rill’s love story.

All it takes is a moment for your life to change—one night of desire to make you feel alive…

Irish film director Rill Pierce fled to the tiny, backwoods town of Vulture ‘s Canyon, seeking sanctuary and solitude after a devastating tragedy. Once, his raw sex appeal and sultry Irish accent made women across the globe swoon. Now, he’s barely recognizable…

But Katie Hughes, his best friend’s sister, is not the type of woman to give up on a man like Rill. She blazes into Vulture’s Canyon determined to save him from himself. Instead, she finds herself unleashing years of pent-up passion. In a storm of hunger and need, Katie and Rill forget themselves and the world. But will Rill’s insatiable attraction to Katie heal his pain—or will it just feed the darkness within him?


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Cover Reveal, WHEN I’M WITH YOU
Friday, December 7th, 2012

I’ve been sneaking out a cover or two whenever they appear at retailers, but I have yet to show off the entire set of 8. Here are the gorgeous covers for my second serialized novel, WHEN I’M WITH YOU. (Click on the cover for a pre-order link. I realize that one or two parts are not yet up at every retailer, but they will be soon.) I don’t have all the blurbs yet from the publisher, so stay tuned. Information is trickling in, and as soon as I have it all, I will have a WHEN page similar to the BECAUSE page.

This is Elise and Lucien’s story, but Ian and Francesca play a big part in it. In fact, WHEN opens the door for more Ian and Francesca in BECAUSE WE BELONG, out later in 2013.

So with no further ado:

Serial Novel, presented in weekly installments beginning March 5
Contemporary Erotic Romance
Berkley Intermix









Silken Rapture is now available in print!
Monday, December 3rd, 2012

My second book in the Princes of the Underground series from Samhain is now available in print! Here’s a bit about it!

When Blaise Sevliss, Lord Delraven, rescues a young woman from the clutches of his vampiritic clone the sheer amount of soul energy blazing from her unconscious body stuns him…and awakens a primal, parasitic hunger he has fought for centuries to quell.

Determined to keep her safe from the ravenous Scourge horde, Blaise must hide her in his underground stronghold. Where the powerful urge to consume her gnaws at the last shreds of his control.

With a touch, Isabel Lanscourt can divine the darkest of secrets. Her ability is little help, though, when she awakens in a lush world where sensuality rules. Her shining spirit is a beacon to all the powerful immortals in Sanctuary, but only one can touch her. The enigmatic Lord Delraven, whose brusque coldness is belied by the heated need in his eyes.

In a dangerous zone between temptation and memory, desire ignites an explosion of luminescent beauty. And Isabel’s healing touch begins to fill his emptiness with an impossible gift: a soul. But Blaise holds a dangerous secret, one that could extinguish Isabel’s inner light. And cast his lonely world into eternal darkness.

Warning: Step into a sensual world of vampires who love to feed and love to…er…feast, where sexual variety is the spice of their lives. No sweetness and light here, this is one vampire who can put the “B” into “bad guy” without batting an eye. Read the rest of this entry »

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