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Sunday, November 25th, 2012

Greetings! I hope everyone in the states had a wonderful Thanksgiving on Thursday! I’m still recovering from carb overload, but other than that, it was a warm, wonderful holiday with family. I’m very lucky.

I have been busy working nonstop on my next serial, out in March at the same time as the print version of the complete Because You Are Mine! When I’m With You features Ian and Francesca, and their love story is furthered, although the main hero and heroine are Lucien and a newcomer, Elise Martin. I noticed that Barnes and Noble is already listing Part One, so I guess I’m clear to show off the first of eight covers. I’m telling you…they are gorgeous, so rich and sensual. I haven’t got a website page up yet because I haven’t received official blurbs, but I’ll keep you updated as to when I can share more.

Oh…and by way of explanation, the heroine is a bad-girl, spirited heiress turned chef, thus the fork, along with the hallmark pearls. 🙂

Book Signings and Readings: Be sure to check out the two events listed just to the left of this blog: The Fifty Shades of Naughty book signing in the St. Louis area on December 1, with myself, Jaci Burton, Sylvia Day, Shayla Black, Shiloh Walker and more! I hear it’s already sold out, and promises to be a fun lady’s night out. The other event I have upcoming is at Lady Jane’s Salon in Naperville, Illinois, Dec 4 at 7 p.m. I’ll be reading from Exposed to You and will have several book giveaways! I hope I can meet some locals there. It’s being held at a chocolate shop, so it can’t be all bad, right? There will be another signing around Valentine’s Day here in Chicago with several local authors. I’ll put up more details as I get them.

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying a holiday weekend of family…and reading, of course!


6 comments to “News and Stuff”

  1. paula
      · November 25th, 2012 at 8:00 pm · Link

    hi, i just wanted to say that i’ve read all the because you are mine books… and i cant wait til the while i’m with you series begins… can i ask why you choose to separate the books in to small chapters as apposed to having one big book? i also started reading the one night of passion series.. though i didnt know it was a series until after i read exposed to you, first, now i’m almost done with addicted to you… i’ve read most of your books… how many did you write under the pen name “bethany kane”… im interested in reading everything you have available 🙂

  2. Beth Kery
      · November 26th, 2012 at 12:20 pm · Link

    Hi Paula!

    The publisher chose to try the serial format for Because You Are Mine and When I’m With You. It wasn’t my decision, but I do think it was a really exciting, vibrant way to write a book. I think you’ll be seeing more of the serial format. I know people were not initially familiar, and thought it seemed odd, and for some people, it just doesn’t work. However, for many it did, and they really liked looking forward to the weekly installment, almost like a television show. I just see it as another reader option, just like hardbacks or ebooks.

    I only have one novel out by Bethany Kane at this point–Addicted to You. It was too difficult for the publisher to switch the name, so it’s remaining as Beth Kery writing under Bethany Kane. I also have an anthology, with Emma Holly, Megan Hart and Lauren Dane, under Bethany Kane–Three to Tango.



    • paula
        · November 27th, 2012 at 7:58 pm · Link

      i think i should have hit this reply button instead of just leave another comment… well, my response in below (comment 3) 🙂

  3. paula
      · November 27th, 2012 at 7:56 pm · Link

    hi beth,

    part of me did find the ease of reading from book to book, interesting, however i wished each book was slightly longer…though it was a new and different way of reading… im really looking forward to reading your next series….

    with that being said… i come across something that has sorta plagued me about the storyline in “one night of passion” series… from “book 1” addicted to you… to “book 4” exposed to you, why did you write that rill and katie had gotten together a year and a half ago… and yet daisy is only 5 months old… when in addicted to you, katie was pregnant and rill had “proposed”… the timing just doesnt add up for me … has anyone else brought this up? … if you could maybe explain what you were thinking … i’d love it to make more sense to me … 🙂
    im in the middle of reading bound to you and there’s a mention of a baby after jennifer and john get suck in the sinkhole… so im just wondering if thats suppose to be daisy?

    one last topic i wanted to ask you about, have you be a writer for long? how easy/hard was it for you to get published… after having my nose in books for the last few months starting with 50 shades… i’ve pondered with the idea of maybe coming up with a book… if you have time to possibly elaborate on this i would be very appreciative

    thanks for your time!

    • Beth Kery
        · November 28th, 2012 at 4:37 pm · Link

      Hi Paula,

      Well, it does take nine months for a baby to be made. I’m not really sure what you are referring to the year and a half, but I assume it was from Everett’s POV, and in his mind, it would have been about that, if not exact, if Daisy was 5 months old, no? Besides, I thought Daisy was a half a year? No? Well, I might have been a few months off. Sorry. 🙁

      I’ve been a writer since about 2006, and was first published in 2007.

      • paula
          · November 28th, 2012 at 7:35 pm · Link

        hi beth,

        no worries… i just wanted to make sure i wasnt missing something… you had katie tell joy that daisy was 5 months… but then everett had said “half a year” would still make it less than a year and a half… only by a few months though… not a big deal, like i said, just wanted to make sure i wasnt missing “another baby” somewhere… i just finished with captured by you… are you going to be writing another installment of the one night of passion series or was exposed to you the end?

        i really enjoy your writing style… its so easy to read and get caught up in the story i feel like i know everyone…lol…

        so, is writing something you do full time or just on the side?

        thanks for your time,
        paula 😛

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