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Because You Are Mine Part VII Available Now!
Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

Part VII, Because I Need To, is a favorite installment for me because it’s so romantic. I’ve been putting up a few favorite lines or pieces of dialogue from the current part when it comes out, so here are a few:

* * *

Francesca shut her eyes and inhaled through constricted lungs. “Ian’s behind me, isn’t he?” she whispered to Lucien. Lucien’s flattened expression was her answer.

She twirled around on her stool, anxiety rising in her. He stood between the entrance of the restaurant and the portion of the bar where Zoe and she sat. The sight of him ripped a jagged, deep crack in her defenses. Longing welled up in her, so strong it stole her breath.

* * *

“I thought they would make you happy. The paintings.”

* * *

“It was for me, too,” he finally said.

Her bewilderment deepened.

“The best day ever.”

* * *

Because You Are Mine Part VII, available now.

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