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Because You Are Mine Part II: Because I Could Not Resist Is Out Today!
Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

The red-hot romance between Ian and Francesca was ignited in Because You Are Mine Part I—that which comes with the first look, the first caress. Now comes the first act of defiance that takes them one step further into forbidden desire.

A heated argument between Francesca and Ian leaves the impetuous young woman alone again, and free to do whatever she chooses, and with whomever she desires. She’s not about to answer to any one man—especially Ian. Until he catches her. As he takes her to his penthouse, the tension is incendiary. One thing is clear for both of them. Francesca must be punished.

Outraged and unbearably excited, the naïve Francesca loses whatever control she had. After all, Ian is too dominant a man to fight off. She did disobey him. She does deserve it. Francesca just never realized how much she wanted it. But when Ian discovers how naïve Francesca really is, he wonders if taking advantage of such innocence is going too far, even for him.

Because You Are Mine Part II: Because I Could Not Resist releases Tuesday, August 7!

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2 comments to “Because You Are Mine Part II: Because I Could Not Resist Is Out Today!”

  1. Katie
      · August 7th, 2012 at 10:16 am · Link

    The serial publishing is quite annoying, to be honest. If I wanted FanFiction, which is free, I would read that. Also, it is even more frustrating when the ePub says 70 pages but it’s actually only 48 pages. And the overt similarities, parallels to 50 Shades has this bordering on plagiarism. Your original works speak or themselves; this does not. I hope you were paid well to write this blatant rip-off.

    • Maddie
        · August 8th, 2012 at 10:16 am · Link

      Oh yeah because EL James is the first writer to write about a billionaire who falls for the virginal heroine in a romance book.

      Beth Kery has been writing books like this BEFORE EL James decided to write a fanfic about the twilight series, if any thing James should be worried about plagiarism when re writing character’s from a published author.

      I’m sick and tired of “of they copied 50, when better books have around sitting there waiting for readers to discover them.

      The only reason why 50 is getting so much play is because its a rip off of Twilight and has Twilight fans singing it praises.

      So far Because Your Mind is way better than 50 will ever be. And like 50.

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