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The Winner of Kate’s Contest Is
Friday, November 11th, 2011

#6, Kate Austin!

Congrats Kate! Write me at bethkery@aol.com to claim your book, and I’ll forward your note to Kate St. James.

Thanks to Kate St. James and all the participants.

Up next, Kelly Jamieson is the guest author and she has a giveaway of her latest, One Wicked Night!!

Kate St. James and a Giveaway of A Little Wild!
Thursday, November 10th, 2011

Please join me in welcoming today’s guest author, Kate St. James. Her book, A Little Wild–a contemporary Red Hot from Samhain just released November 8th! She’s generously giving away a free download of it to one commenter who answers her question below. . Plus, if you haven’t yet entered for the free Kindle Touch 3-G in the Silken Rapture contest, do so here.

Welcome today’s guest author – Kate St. James!

Hi, everyone. I’m excited to be here today participating in Beth’s Silken Rapture contest. To help her celebrate, I’m giving away a digital copy of A LITTLE WILD, which just came out two days ago and is my first single title erotic romance as well as being my first Samhain Publishing release. I’ve previously published three erotic novellas with Red Sage—Kiss Me at Midnight in Secrets 28: SENSUAL CRAVINGS; Exes & Ahhs in Secrets 26: BOUND BY PASSION; and Good Vibrations in Secrets 21: PRIMAL HEAT. Also, my first erotica short, a ménage story called Tea for Three, came out from Ellora’s Cave Exotika Quickies in mid-October. It’s been a busy few weeks!


She wants a piece of his rock. He needs her, rock steady, in his heart.

Tess Sheridan won’t let anything stop her from making partner at a prestigious law firm, especially her notoriously soft heart. The result? She’s a handful of clients away from getting her name on that brass plate. And she hasn’t had sex in over a year.

When her best friend dares her to test-drive her erotic fantasies with a gorgeous stranger, she figures, why not? Loosening the reins will give her inner nympho some well-deserved pampering without jeopardizing her career goals.

Zach Halliday has enjoyed his bad-boy reputation to the fullest, but now it’s time to leave the relative safety of the family corporation and prove he can stand on his own in the business world. That doesn’t mean he’ll pass up an opportunity for some incredible phone sex with the beautiful strawberry blonde he met in a bar.

When business overlaps with the bedroom, Zach sees something special in Tess and is determined to convince her he’s the man she needs, anytime, anyplace. She can backpedal, but come hell or high-climbing-wall, he wants the fascinating, complicated sex bomb in his bed. Over and over again…

In the excerpt, a lead-in to the phone sex scene mentioned in the blurb, Tess is in the bathtub fantasizing about the hot guy she hit on a few days ago. However, Zach, who is often a target of his brother’s practical jokes, provided Tess with a false name. So when “Jack Halloran” calls her, Tess has no idea he’s really Zach Halliday, the son of her law firm’s biggest client—very off-limits! And Zach doesn’t know she’s Teresa Sheridan, the overworked lawyer a friend recommended for Zach’s new business. When they meet in the law firm two days after having phone sex, all sorts of trouble ensues.

The set-up was a lot of fun to write. I enjoy placing my characters in humorous situations. How do you feel about humor in erotic romance? Please leave a comment following the excerpt to enter for a chance to win.


Curving her wet hair behind one ear, Tess sat halfway up in the tub. She glanced at the call display. Private. Frowning, she clicked Talk. “Yes?”
“Tess S.?”
Jack! Her nipples contracted into tight, tingling peaks. She could blame the reaction on the fact that warm, sudsy water no longer covered her breasts, but she knew better. Her body had responded to his low, sensual voice in much the same way Wednesday night.
Wait. How had he found her phone number?
She jerked up. Her elbow hooked the towel, dragging it into the water. Shit!
“Just a minute.” She fumbled with the wet terry cloth. Too late. It was soaked through. And plastered against her stiff nipples.
“Tess?” he repeated, concern softening his deep voice.
She anchored the towel beneath her arms to prevent it from skating around and destroying her precious bubbles. She leaned back against the tub, the jasmine-scented water splashing and her breathing choppy. In her rush, she’d positioned the towel width-wise, and the wet terry cloth hovered at the tops of her thighs.
“Sorry, I…wasn’t dressed.” Her face warmed.
His concern segued into libidinous male interest. “Now you are?”
“Um, kind of.”
“Too bad,” he murmured.
The drenched towel rasped against her nipples, and a satisfying buzz centered between her thighs. She wiggled her hips, and the buzz deepened.
Hmm. She’d never before considered the erotic possibilities of having a towel in the tub—but she did now.
Of course, she wouldn’t act on those urges. At least not while she had Jack on the phone. Unless, well, he could participate, too.
She shook her head to dispel the hot fantasy. How had he found her? The fake number she’d passed him wasn’t anything like her own. The directory listed her as T. A. Sheridan—a far cry from Tess S. And she’d opted out of every online listing she could find.
“I’m surprised you could reach me,” she said warily.
His gravely chuckle spread through her. “I’ll bet.”
She didn’t want to think about bets. “How did you get this phone number?”
“You gave it to me, remember?”
No, she hadn’t. And he knew so. That he’d discovered it should alarm her. Aside from Wednesday night, she’d never met him before. He could be a lunatic—or worse.
Yet, something in Jack Halloran’s voice reassured her that he was quite sane. Recalling his affable responses to her botched pickup lines mollified her fears, too. If he’d wanted to take advantage of her, he could have done so Wednesday night.
But he hadn’t.
“Yeah, Jack, about that number…” She let her voice trail off. She’d circumvent the truth out of him, a handy trick learned in law school.
For a moment, he didn’t respond. Then the friendly tone she remembered from Danver’s returned. “Don’t worry about it. Women give me fake phone numbers all the time. That’s why I blocked mine before I called. In case you were toying with me again.”
Despite a few loitering notes of caution, she smiled. As if any woman wouldn’t love the attention of a gorgeous guy like Jack Halloran. He probably beat back hordes of adoring females on a daily basis.
Relaxing, she planted a foot on the tub’s overflow vent. The loosening towel rubbed her sensitized flesh, and the warm, bubbly water caressed her bikini-trimmed mound.
Mmm. She closed her eyes and luxuriated in the bliss of her arousal. Her fingers yearned to move with the water’s flow, to touch, dip, stroke, indulge herself…just a little bit…please.
What would be the harm? Jack wouldn’t know what she was doing, he couldn’t, unless she chose to tell him.
A sensuous shiver raced through her. “And you’re a PI?” she asked, her voice sounding languorous in the steam-filled bathroom. “That’s how you dig up the real numbers?”
“No. Your friend gave me yours as you were leaving.”
“She did what?” Tess bolted upright in the tub. The towel slipped and jasmine-scented froth slopped out onto the bathmat.
Chloe was about to become one very dead best fiend! No wonder she’d grinned the whole time she was here. She’d outwitted Tess at every turn.
“You were ahead of her leaving the pub, so maybe you didn’t notice,” Jack said. “She said you experience temporary dyslexia when you drink and might have written down the wrong phone number by mistake.”
“I don’t get temporary dyslexia!” Was there such a thing?
“Then you admit you gave me the wrong number on purpose?”
“I—” The towel drifted onto her lower legs. She kicked it partway off. She should drown herself. Here and now. Save herself the humiliation of dealing with the consequences of Chloe’s treachery.
“Or was hitting on me the tequila talking?”
Tess lifted a hand. “No. I wasn’t drunk, I promise.” Drinking and debauching wasn’t her style. That she’d hit on Jack while slightly buzzed was bad enough, but when she slept with him—uh, if—she intended to be stone-cold sober.
Well, not cold, exactly. Probably extra warm.
Ooh Godddd, she really was going nuts.
The point was, when and if they ever did it, she wanted to be fully aware of every delicious moment.
With a studmuffin like Jack Halloran at her disposal, she certainly wouldn’t risk dulling her senses with alcohol.

Kate’s Website
Kate on Facebook
Kate at Twitter

Please leave Kate a comment for a chance to win A Little Wild tomorrow morning!

The Winner of Leah’s Contest Is
Thursday, November 10th, 2011

Pam B.!! Pam, write to me at bethkery@aol.com, and I’ll pass on your information to Leah who will provide your book! Congrats!

Up next, guest author Kate St. James and a giveaway!

Leah Braemel and a Giveaway of Deliberate Deceptions
Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

I met Leah last year at the Lori Foster event, and she’s a warm, fun lady. Plus, she gives me chocolate…not just any chocolate, Canadian chocolate, which is soooo good. Leah’s here to talk about her contemporary Deliberate Deceptions, and does it look like a romance you can dig your teeth into! She’s giving away a free download of Deliberate Deceptions to one commenter on her blog post. Plus, if you haven’t yet signed up for the Silken Rapture Contest and the free Kindle Touch 3-G, do so here.

Welcome today’s guest author, Leah Braemel!

Thanks to Beth for inviting me to be part of her Silken Rapture launch. I’m a big fan-girl of Beth’s, and her Wicked Burn gave me the permission to give my heroes and heroines a more serious side, to emotionally torture them in order to find their happily-ever-after.

You see, I’ve been married thirty-three years. I love my husband; he loves me. While some consider us having achieved our ‘happy-ever-after’, it’s not come easily. We’ve had to find ways to face the challenges life’s thrown at us. So when I was writing Deliberate Deceptions, I wanted to explore some of the problems couples can face after they say “I do.” When I’d written Chad’s character in Personal Protection I had Sam and him fighting about Lauren. Chad had said he’d screwed up his marriage and I knew when I wrote that line that he had to get back together with her. But what had broken them up? Why would a man, whose word meant everything to him, walk away from the woman he loved? I drew on in real life where three friends had struggled with either post-partum depression or the death of a child and their marriages faced a severe test as they dealt with depression, grief and guilt. (Luckily, all three friends are still married in real life.)

So in Deliberate Deceptions, I turned the marital screws on my couple, Chad and Lauren. For various reasons ten years before, of their own making and forced upon them by others, their marriage crumbled, but they never truly fell out of love. Each thought that by walking away, they were doing what the other wanted. But now, Lauren’s in jeopardy, and because the man hunting her knows she still loves Chad, Chad’s in danger too. Forced to take refuge in a safe house, the couple must face their past (and present) mistakes, and admit they still care for the other if their love has any chance to rekindle.

Whenever I read a story, I want to know that my couple will survive those hard times, the struggles that life throws at us. I think by the end of Deliberate Deceptions, Chad and Lauren have learned from their mistakes. They’ve earned their Happy-Ever-After.

Chad Miller once had the perfect life—a beautiful baby daughter, a loving wife, a promising career with the FBI. Within a year, he’d lost everything. Making Hauberk Protection a success salvaged his career, but he’s never managed to get over the one fateful decision that spelled the end of his marriage. And the death of his child.

For eight years, grief and guilt have haunted Lauren Miller’s climb up the ranks of the Light Brigade, a secret international hostage rescue team. Now she’s the target of a vengeful ex-Brigade operative who’ll stop at nothing to take her down. Even if it means taking out everyone she cares about. Including Chad. Getting him to accept her as his bodyguard? It’ll take some fast talking—and faster hands.

Trapped in a remote safe house with Lauren is the last place Chad ever wanted to be. He may finally have the chance to get some answers about why she ran, but with his hard-won defenses crumbling, he’s having trouble remembering the questions. In the heat of their rekindled passion, Lauren struggles to keep her professional focus…and keep the secrets that could break his heart all over again.

You can read more about Chad and Lauren in Deliberate Deceptions, and the rest of the Hauberk Protection group, on Leah’s website. You can follow Leah on Twitter, or find her on Facebook or Google.

Leave Leah a comment about her post, and qualify to win a copy of Deliberate Deceptions tomorrow morning!

The Winner of Shelley Munro’s Contest Is
Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

P. Kirby! Congrats! Please write to me at bethkery@aol.com to claim your prize!

Many thanks to Shelley for joining us! Up next, Leah Braemel visits and a giveaway!

Shelley Munro and a Giveaway of FANCY FREE!
Monday, November 7th, 2011

Join me in welcoming Shelley Munro to the Silken Rapture Contest. She’s here to talk about–and give away a copy of–Fancy Free to one commenter on her post today. Plus, if you haven’t yet signed up for the Free Kindle Touch 3-G, be sure to do so here.

Welcome Shelley!

When A Square Peg Doesn’t Fit! by Shelley Munro

We’ve all been there…smack in the middle of a situation where we have no control and feel as if we’re adrift on a huge sea in a rudderless boat. We might experience this sensation when we attend a different school or start a new job. From the minute we walk into the classroom or office people stare. They might whisper to each other and increase our discomfort. After all, they know exactly what they’re doing and are familiar with the routine, while we’re floundering and trying to get to grips with the local routine.
Fish out of water syndrome!
You know what I’m talking about, right? I see you all nodding.
Because everyone understands the emotions and feelings these uncomfortable situations create, the fish out of water plotline is a classic one.
I’m sure you’re familiar with the tale of Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, which is a typical fish out of water story. When Alice goes down the rabbit hole, she ends up in a world that’s very confusing and full of strange rules. She needs to think on her feet in order to survive.
A few years ago, I wrote a fish out of water story called Fancy Free. Since I adore the Alice in Wonderland story, I appropriated the character name and wrote my own modern version. The heroine, Alice Beasley unexpectedly receives an inheritance from her godmother. To her shock, and her boyfriend’s consternation, it turns out she’s inherited a company that manufactures condoms. There are strings to the inheritance. She must participate in the day-to-day business of the company or she’ll forfeit the inheritance.
Alice is relatively innocent and inexperienced in sexual matters. It’s a huge shock when she’s thrust into the world of condoms. Here’s a small taste of her embarrassment, doubt and her confusion regarding the sexy manager of Fancy Free:

Alice nodded vigorously and reached for a glass of water. The tremor of her right hand brought a self-conscious frown. “I’m fine. Please continue.” What on earth was she doing here? She pushed a lock of hair off her face and wished she could fan the fiery heat from her face. And she still didn’t understand why her godmother had left her the condom company at all. When she’d attempted to ask her parents, they’d brushed her off with excuses about church and religion. Even the lawyer Mr. Bellbooth had said he wasn’t sure of her godmother’s reasons, but did it really matter? An unladylike snort emerged.
“Is something wrong?” James asked in a husky voice.
“I’m fine. No problem.” She barely halted the telltale shiver of bliss at the sound of his voice. As one, everyone turned to stare at her and that heightened her awareness of the wretched man. This was ridiculous. How could an almost virgin run a condom company? She had no experience to draw on. She could hardly count her one time at university as experience. The heat in her cheeks intensified even farther when she sneaked a look at the photo on top of the folder. Half expecting a voice to shout, “Off with her head,” she swallowed and wondered if they’d notice if she ran from the room. Oh dear. Her gaze wandered to the photo again without waiting for her brain to give permission.
The condom was a delicate violet color and had tiny raised dots all over the surface. It looked like an alien creature with chicken pox. There were certainly alien appendages attached. Hard to say what that round bit did…

A story of this nature is a great vehicle for humor too. My heroine Alice Beasley is way out of her depth and makes a few mistakes along the way before she starts to feel at home as the owner of a condom company.
Purchase your copy of FANCY FREE at Ellora’s Cave, All Romance ebooks or at Amazon Kindle. It’s currently on sale at all three bookstores.

And watch out for CHRISTMAS IS COMING, a return visit to the Fancy Free world, due out at Ellora’s Cave during December.

SHELLEY’S CONTEST: Win a download of Fancy Free. To enter the draw all you need to do is tell me about a situation which has made you feel as if you’ve jumped down a rabbit hole or you can share with me a title of one of your favorite “fish out of water” stories.

Shelley Munro lives in New Zealand with her husband of twenty-nine years and a mischievous puppy called Bella. She writes romantic, funny and spicy tales for Ellora’s Cave, Carina Press and Samhain Publishing. To learn more about Shelley and her books visit http://www.shelleymunro.com You can also find her on Twitter @ShelleyMunro

Warning: Condoms were tested and a few harmed during the writing of this story.

It’s not every day a girl inherits a condom company, and to say accountant Alice Beasley is astonished and out of her depth is putting it mildly. For an almost virgin, she needs a quick education in all things condom because her inheritance is in danger. Someone is intent on sabotage and playing nasty, trying to destroy her new company.

Alice is suddenly getting down and dirty with charismatic James, the factory manager, all in the name of business, testing new condom designs. The sex is hot. Mind-blowing. It’s a dark thrill and an erotic journey. Yeah, it’s a hard job, but a girl’s got to do what a girl’s gotta do.

The testing turns personal. Alice wants James. She craves his talented touch and sultry kisses, she desires passion and physical pleasure on a permanent basis but first she must convince bad-boy James to give up his fancy-free ways…

The Winner of Renee Wilde’s Contest Is
Monday, November 7th, 2011

Katsrus, Sue B!

Sue, write to me at bethkery@aol.com to claim your prize (specify which book) and I’ll send on your information to Renee!

Thanks to Renee and all the participants. Up next, Shelley Munro and a giveaway of FANCY FREE!

Renee Wildes and a Giveaway of a Guardians of Light Book!
Monday, November 7th, 2011

Please join me in welcoming the first guest author of the Silken Rapture Contest, Renee Wildes! Renee is here to talk about Riever’s Heart! She’s generously offered winner’s choice of any one Guardian of Light book, 1-5, to one commenter on her blog post! And don’t forget, if you haven’t yet entered for a chance to win a free Kindle Touch 3-G, do so here!

Welcome Renee!

The warrior in her was ready for anything. But she never saw him coming…

Guardians of Light, Book 5

Verdeen is on the brink of becoming an elite warrior ranger until the ultimate humiliation—no war mare chooses her for advanced training. King Loren’s consolation prize isn’t much better. Journey to the Isle of Ice as bodyguard to a human riever. Daq Aryk. Barbarian. Prince of thieves.

Aryk dreams the impossible: unite six fractious clans into a peaceful nation. Failure means they are all doomed to kill each other off—and the nightmares of his son’s death by sword will come true. The new elven ambassador rouses his ire, not because she’s female, but because she’s inexperienced. Her possibly needless death weighs on his already overburdened soul. Her beauty is a distraction he can’t afford.

In a fragrant, moonlit garden, Verdeen dares yield to an irresistible compulsion to kiss the mortal riever. The heat shakes her to the core, and frees a desire that should occur but once in her life. With a mate.

As their quest twists down ever more dangerous paths, though, their bond is the asset that could assure peace…or the liability that could send a dream down in flames.
Product Warnings

This tale illustrates what happens when adventurous dreamer meets seen-it-all cynic. Contains hot, no-holds-barred sex, voyeurism, and some self-loving. Also betrayal and some graphic (but never gratuitous) battle violence.


by Renee Wildes

RIEVER’S HEART came out on Tuesday, 9/27/11. The hero Daq Aryk is a man with a dream—a warrior prince who dreams of peace. He loves his children, his people and his land. He’s tired of his people being cold & hungry, of warriors dying young and illness taking its toll. They’ve been professional raiders for generations but Aryk has a vision of their children growing up to other career options.
The problem is old habits die hard. His own people can’t see themselves doing anything else. Even Aryk’s best friend Valkyn accuses Aryk of turning his back on their fathers. The outside nations are clearly skeptical of a message of peace coming from a riever leader. The only ones to give him a shot are the elves in Poshnari-Unai. King Loren assigns his best warrior Verdeen to accompany Aryk back to Isadorikja as a helper and witness. Part bodyguard, part counselor and part spy.
Aryk has enough on his plate with stubborn clansmen and skeptical neighbors. The last thing he needs is a beautiful cadet with no real battle experience. She’s a distraction he can’t afford. Even though she makes him burn with desire, he has to focus on the mission. He’s got to no time to think of his own needs.
With everything he’s got against him it would be so easy to give it up, to just continue things as they are. Unpopular leaders can be replaced. He takes a big risk following his dream but sometimes a dream is all a man has.
Ask Martin Luther King, Jr.
How many things have changed in history because someone stood up and said, “You know what? This is wrong. I think we can do better.”
A dream can make change happen.
Everyone has dreams. What they do about them is what defines who and what they are, and can define the future for everyone else. We have to believe in the power of the possibilities of their dreams. Words like “can’t” and “never” should never enter your vocabulary. Dreams can inspire change. Dreams can affect change. Don’t laugh at the dreamers—embrace them. Join them. Become them.
I’ve always loved to write—I was writing horse stories when I was six, and I was the only kid in school who got a maximum word count in school. I always dreamed of being a published author and even though the odds were against me (I got a LOT of rejections when I was first starting out) I never gave up on my dream.
RIEVER’S HEART is Book 5 of the Guardians of Light series for Samhain Publishing! Can’t have Book 5 without Book 1. What if I’d given up? Quit?
Never give up. Ever. No matter what other people say, you have to believe in yourself. Don’t ever listen to the naysayers. I hope Aryk’s and Verdeen’s story can inspire you to keep your own dreams alive.

Leave Renee a comment to qualify for winner’s choice of any one of her Guardian of Light books!

Silken Rapture Contest, Kindle Touch 3-G Giveaway!
Friday, November 4th, 2011



1. The contest runs 11/4/11 to 11/23/11. The Kindle Touch 3-G Winner (Grand Prize) will announced November 23. For details on the Kindle Touch 3-G, click here.

2. To enter just leave a comment here at this blog entry.

3. To have your name entered TWICE, copy the code for the Silken Rapture Contest widgit in my blog sidebar (small) or copy the above image (large) and post it to your blog, Facebook, Myspace, Website, whereever you want to share it. In your comment, say “I posted the widget (the address where you posted).

4. Authors are also free to enter.

Note: You will receive ONE entry with just a comment and no posting of the widget. You will receive TWO entries of your name if you comment and also post the widget.

Special Note: International Entrants: This contest is open to international entrants, however, because of the high costs of shipping, I will instead send the equivalent amount of the Kindle Touch 3-G, $149.00, via an Amazon e-gift certificate format to the international winner.

3. A winner will be randomly chosen from a pool of entrants on November 23. The winner must claim their prize, so it is important to come back and check the announcement!

The contest also includes:


You will always find the DAILY prize just below this Huge Silken Rapture Contest post.

I’ve got some wonderful authors who will be coming by my blog, talking about their latest or upcoming releases and giving away free books to commenters EVERY MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY, November 7-22, so be sure to visit daily. Scheduled authors will tell us about their books and give away a copy to one commenter per day.

Guest Author List:
11/7 Renee Wildes
11/8 Shelley Munro
11/9 Leah Bramel
11/10 Kate St. James
11/11 Kelly Jamieson
11/14 Natasha Moore
11/15 Viv Arend
11/16 Vanessa Jaye
11/17 Missy Jane
11/18 Jodi Redford
11/21 Lilli Feisty
11/22 Beth Kery
11/23 Winner of the Kindle Touch 3-G announced

It’s very important that you return the next day to see if you won. If you haven’t contacted me within forty-eight hours of your name being announced, a new winner will be drawn.

Now, let’s have some fun!!

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