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Archive for April, 2011

Free Bookmarks and Bookplates, Addicted to You
Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Hello! I have a limited number of bookplates and bookmarks to give away for those in the U.S., Canada and Europe, for my upcoming Addicted to You under the pen name Bethany Kane. If you’d like one, please write me at bethkery@aol.com.

Have a great week,


Back from RT 2011
Monday, April 11th, 2011

I’m back! Exhausted, but glad to say this was the best RT I’ve yet attended. Why? I’m trying to figure that out. For one thing, it was comfortable and laid back, and for lack of a better word, classy. Plus, the west coast seemed to offer a plethora of talent for the panels. For instance, I was held spellbound by D.P. Lyle’s–physician and author of Forensics for Dummies— panel on forensic science. He made it specific for writers, and was he a goldmine of relevant and interesting information. Needless to say, I downloaded his book and gobbled it up on my plane ride home. Among other panels of interest was Dean Koontz’s talk for authors. He’s funny and wise. Here’s a photo–that’s him sitting there at the table in front of the microphone. Sorry, but with all the avid authors and Dean’s bodyguards, getting a photo was difficult.

I sat on two workshop panels myself. Here’s a photo of the panel for How to Create Emotionally Intense Love Scenes, which I thought went really well. My panel-mates are some very smart ladies. Below, from left to right, me, Tracy Wolff, HelenKay Dimon, Lauren Dane, Megan Hart.

Of course, what’s RT without the opportunity to meet up with friends, bloggers, authors and readers?

Lorelie James, Lauren Dane, Beth Williamson

Tracy of Desert Island Keepers, Julie James, Jane of Dear Author

Shelli Stevens and Kelly Jamieson at the Bradford dinner

And what would RT be without the Mr. Romance competition? Mr. Romance is the short-haired, dark guy in the middle. His name was Len.

Excerpt: Three to Tango
Sunday, April 3rd, 2011

Hi all! Hope you’re enjoying a relaxing weekend. I’m frantically trying to get things done before leaving for RT on Tuesday. Can’t wait! I’ve got a short excerpt for you from my story ON THE JOB from the Three to Tango anthology coming out in May!

Three To Tango
An anthology coming from Emma Holly, Lauren Dane, Megan Hart and Bethany Kane
Four of erotic fiction’s most talented authors carry readers away with all-new tales of ecstasy that prove that the most delectable things in life come in threes…

Sex is best when it’s one-on-one…plus one.

ON THE JOB by Bethany Kane

He was back there, watching her. He was on the job, and Madeline knew better than most how important his job was to him. He wouldn’t abandon it, even if he had abandoned her. She held him in a trap, and it was sweet . . . delicious to torment him for his sense of duty, to make him pay for his noble intentions.

She reminded him of what he’d sacrificed as she stroked her erect nipples beneath a hot Tahoe sun. So what if they’d just been kids at the time, fools suffering from the heatstroke of a wild infatuation? She’d needed him, and he’d failed her. First Madeline’s father had died unexpectedly, then Walker had left. Madeline’s hurt had changed to anger over the years. Eventually, the sting had faded.

It had, anyway, until she’d walked onto the terrace this morning and seen Walker Gray talking to Tony.

Her clit begged for attention, but Madeline refrained. With effort. She longed to punish him, not only for eleven years ago, but for having the temerity to suddenly appear again in her life. His brisk, professional manner made a mockery of the fact that she’d been floored by his unexpected presence. He’d barely said two dozen words to her since Tony had asked her if she recalled their old friend from their high school and college days, Walker Gray.

She recalled, all right.

She’d make sure the bastard remembered just as graphically.

She sat up and took a sip from her glass of iced hibiscus tea mixed with lemonade. Her fingers strayed to the tie at her back. She pulled slowly on the string. She tossed the flimsy top next to the sweating glass and stretched out again on the dock.

It wasn’t a big deal. She sunbathed topless once in a while on Tony’s boat. True, she’d never gotten the impression that her bare breasts had received any of the focused interest from Tony as they once had from the man who stood behind her in the yard. Sure, she’d never have done it if it were another one of Tony’s employees standing guard. The point was, Madeline was perfectly comfortable sunbathing topless in this situation.

Perfectly aroused.

She doubted very seriously she would have ever cupped her breasts in her slick hands from below, making the nipples point upward, like dark pink arrows, to the sky even in front of Tony, but the heretofore unprotected parts of her skin needed SPF, didn’t they?
It felt good, so warm, so arousing . . . so powerful.

She let one hand trail across the sensitive skin at the sides of her ribs and across her belly. Her clit beckoned. It burned in protest at being ignored. She slipped two fingers beneath the top of her bikini panties. Her labia were moist and swollen.
She slid a finger into the juicy cleft and moaned in pleasure.

Was he suffering? God, she hoped so.

Her eyes popped open a few seconds later when she felt a hand wrap around her wrist. He’d moved so quietly, and she’d been so involved in her little game, she’d never heard his tread on the dock.


“Surely you’re not going to ask me what I’m doing, Madeline.” She saw his clamped jaw and her shocked reflection in the mirrored lenses of his sunglasses. “Because I would have thought that was obvious. I’m giving you what you’ve been asking for.”

She gasped in surprise when he slid his forearm beneath her thighs and lifted. The next thing she knew she was flying down the dock in Walker Gray’s arms.

–Four red-hot writers take you on a wild ride…Kane’s story particularly shines, with a strong plot and well-defined characters.
4 stars from RT Book Reviews

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