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The Winners of the Velvet Cataclysm Contest
Monday, February 28th, 2011

The winners were chosen randomly and are as follows:

Larissa’s Winner: #48, TigMode

Cynthia Winner: #17, Robin K

Moira’s Winner: #19 Diane Sadler

My Winner: #32 Jennifer Graham

Many thanks to the authors for their generosity and to everyone who attended the Velvet Cataclysm Contest! Winners, please write me at bethkery@aol.com to claim your prizes!


Last Day of the Velvet Cataclysm Contest and a $20 Amazon gift card giveaway
Sunday, February 27th, 2011

It’s the last day of the Velvet Cataclysm contest. Many thanks to Larissa, Cynthia and Moira for peeks at their awesome books and their generosity, and thanks to everyone who has attended the party.

As some of you already know, I usually write either erotic or straight contemporaries, but I do love a good paranormal. For the Princes of the Underground series, I really threw myself into the project and had a great time creating a unique race of men and the powerful women who can grant them a singular gift–a soul. I just finished the second in the series, tentatively called Silken Rapture. Velvet Cataclym hits bookstores March 1! Check it out, and comment to win a $20 Amazon gift card tonight. All the other prizes will be announced tonight, as well!

Velvet Cataclysm
Available in Print
March 1, 2011!

In his battle to resist, he found the impossible. His soul.
Christina Astor’s telepathic ability is an asset in her job as a psychiatric social worker. What’s driving her crazy, though, is her elusive, gorgeous landlord. She senses that Saint Sevliss wants her with an all-consuming hunger that’s somehow…different. Just how different becomes all too clear when his dangerous world collides with hers.

For centuries, Saint’s kind have been called vampire and werewolf. Even soulless. But their true nature remains a mystery. Bound by a magical mandate to control his bloodthirsty clone, Teslar, at all costs, Saint will do anything to keep Christina away. She infuses his gray universe with life and color, but his world—and his need—would destroy her.
When an attack reveals the true power of Christina’s gift, one thing is certain—Teslar won’t rest in his underground labyrinth until he possesses her, body and soul…


“Run. You too, Alison,” she shouted, although she saw from the corner of her eye the thin girl remained frozen on the spot as she stared fixedly at Teslar. At least she heard her son’s rapid footsteps blending with the monotonous churn of the escalator engine.
The sight of the blood in her mouth caused one of the hideous males to let out a shriek of excitement. The tall one with the chestnut hair snarled, his handsome face twisted in fury. He barked an order.
The creatures tensed to pounce while their comrade continued to howl in pain and clutch wildly at his face. Christina braced herself, legs slightly spread, knees bent and fists cocked. She didn’t stand a chance against the nightmare monsters and she knew it. She lived only for the fading thump of Aidan’s tennis shoes as he leapt up the escalator. The creature farthest to her right—the one with a mouthful of pointed teeth and who wore what revoltingly looked like a necklace of human vertebrae—gave a throat-tearing snarl and sprang.
Christina prepared to die.
Something smacked into the monster midair with a dull thud. Her would-be-attacker fell to the platform floor several feet short of Christina, a large, dark gray wolf clamped around his throat. He writhed madly, trying to throw the animal off him. Howls of fury sliced through the still air as four more wolves launched themselves at the creatures, their pointed, gleaming teeth slashing and biting.
Christina turned away, knowing this was her only chance to follow her son.
“Alison!” she shouted again, trying to break through the young woman’s trance. She followed the girl’s rapturous stare. Teslar stood upright on the handrail of the escalator, a beautiful dark angel ready to take flight. He leapt and took to the air, his long coat billowing out behind him like leathery wings. He landed at the top of the down escalator. Aidan was just three steps away from him.
Teslar smiled at Aidan, his fangs fully bared.
“No,” Christina yelled, launching herself up the escalator. Teslar reached out for the boy. Aidan threw up his hand, instinctively trying to block Teslar’s grabbing fist. Teslar lunged back as though he’d been pushed, a look of surprise on his face. Christina paused, mouth hanging open when she saw a figure step behind and just to the right of Teslar—a figure that precisely matched Teslar’s height and breadth.


This book contains some violence and smoking hot, explicit sex. In addition, there is brief M/M sexual interaction and a ménage a trois.

Join me in welcoming Moira Rogers, and a giveaway!
Saturday, February 26th, 2011

Join me in welcoming Moira Rogers to the Velvet Cataclysm contest! She’s been generous enough to offer up an ebook ARC of the upcoming Wilder’s Mate, and I’m telling you…this looks GOOD. It releases March 8, so be sure to look for it from Samhain Publishing.

What’s the first vampire novel you ever read?

Dracula, for sure. But I think the first time I read the more sexy vampires might have been Laurell K Hamilton’s Guilty Pleasures. I can not tell a lie–I am still team werewolf. But once in a while, vampires sneak their way into my affections.

What’s your favorite vampire book or series?
I don’t know if most people would consider this a vampire series, but I love Meljean Brook’s Guardian series. Demon Blood has one of my favorite vampire heroes thus far.

What’s the most surprising thing you have learned about being a writer?

How much of my job isn’t writing. There are weeks where I battle through edits and revisions and forms and promotional tasks, and all I want to be doing is writing. But getting to write is awesome enough to make the rest of it worth it.

What’s up next for you?

Wilder’s Mate, my paranormal romance with a Wild West steampunkish twist, comes out on March 8th. And it has vampires! 😉

Wilder’s Mate

Wilder Harding is a bloodhound, created by the Guild to hunt down and kill vampires on America’s frontier. His enhanced abilities come with a high price: on the full moon, he becomes capable of savagery beyond telling, while the new moon brings a sexual hunger that borders on madness.

Rescuing a weapons inventor from undead kidnappers is just another assignment, though one with an added complication–keeping his hands off the man’s pretty young apprentice, who insists on tagging along.

At odds with polite society, Satira’s only constant has been the aging weapons inventor who treats her like a daughter. She isn’t going to trust Wilder with Nathaniel’s life, not when the Guild might decide the old man isn’t worth saving. Besides, if there’s one thing she’s learned, it’s that brains are more important than brawn.

As the search stretches far longer than Wilder planned, he finds himself fighting against time. If Satira is still at his side when the new moon comes, nothing will stop him from claiming her. Worse, she seems all too willing. If their passion unlocks the beast inside, no one will be safe. Not even the man they’re fighting to save.

Warning: This book contains a crude, gun-slinging, vampire-hunting hero who howls at the full moon and a smart, stubborn heroine who invents mad-scientist weapons. Also included: wild frontier adventures, brothels, danger, betrayal and a good dose of wicked loving in an alternate Wild West.

Preorder Wilder’s Mate now!

Leave Moira a comment and qualify to win an ARC of Wilder’s Mate. All winners will be named Sunday evening!

Welcome Cynthia Eden and a giveaway!
Friday, February 25th, 2011

It’s Day 2 of the Velvet Cataclym mini-paranormal contest and talented and lovely Cynthia Eden is here to entertain us! Welcome Cynthia, and thank you for coming by! Cynthia is generously giving away one of her backlist books of choice to one commenter, so leave her a nice note, and cross your fingers! Check back this Sunday evening for the list of goody winners. 🙂

Bite Me
Thanks so much to Beth for inviting me over! I’m excited to chat about one of my very favorite things—monsters. No, don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to talk about Freddy Krueger-style monsters. (Cause I’m sorry, Freddy, but while you were funny at times, you just weren’t sexy.)
I’m here to talk about the appeal of sexy monsters: vampires, werewolves, and demons. And so many more…
I love reading and writing about strong alpha heroes who are a bit more than human. With vampires, you get men who are eternally young, eternally strong, and eternally hot. A vampire can have a dark side. Anyone who drinks blood has to be dark, but in order to seduce his victims, the guy has to be charming and sexy, too.
As for werewolves…I’ve always found them to have a wild, untamed appeal. The beast lurks so close to the surface, and you always wonder how long the man will be able to control the wildness inside. With the wolves, it’s all about their animal instincts. My next werewolf tale is actually scheduled to release from Kensington Brava this July (yay!). In NEVER CRY WOLF, I let my hero be as wild and sexy as he wanted to be. Lucas Simone is an alpha on the prowl. He’s ready to charm my heroine and more than ready to kick the ass of anyone who tries to hurt her. Ah, wolves—so strong.
And let’s not forget the appeal of demons. Of all the supernatural creatures, I often think that demons have the darkest sides. Depending on the author’s mythology, the demons might actually come from hell. Hard to get darker than that! But with demons, their need for redemption can be incredibly appealing. They’re bad, so bad…but can the heroines make them good? (Yes, I do have a weakness for bad boys.)
But what’s your take? How do you feel about supernatural heroes? And do you have a favorite? I’ll pick one commenter to win a Cynthia Eden book of her choice.

Thank you for checking out my post!
Cynthia Eden
DEADLY HEAT–Available 1/25/11 from Grand Central (Forever)
DEADLY LIES–Available 2/22/11 from Grand Central (Forever)

You’ll be Dreaming of her Heroes. Welcome Larissa Ione!
Thursday, February 24th, 2011

Join me in welcoming Larissa Ione! Larissa is a wonderful writer with a unique voice and style and the ability to create worlds and characters the reader will never want to leave. Larissa has generously offered one commenter here today (chosen randomly) to win one pick from her backlist AND an ebook copy of ETERNITY EMBRACED. (All winners announced this Sunday evening). Now, learn a bit more about Larissa and her upcoming Lords of Deliverance series!

Larissa, what’s the first vampire novel you ever read?

Salem’s Lot, by Stephen King. He started my love of vampires and horror novels.

What’s your favorite vampire book or series?

As much as I’d love to say the Demonica series, I can’t, because it’s too demon-y. So I’ll have to go with Anne Rice’s Interview With The Vampire. It was that book that made me see vampires as sexy and not just monsters.

Tell us about your new series! How do you feel about venturing into this new, exciting arena of writing?

Oh, wow — I’m SO nervous! I mean, the new Lords of Deliverance series is basically a continuation of the Demonica series, but at the same time, it’s different. I think it’s a little darker — at least, the first book is. Second is lighter. But we’re dealing with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, so things get dicey for the human race. I’ve already had one reader say that Eternal Rider gave her unsettling dreams. That kind of made me happy. Is that weird? 🙂

Not at all. I think most paranormal writers would take that as a HUGE compliment. 🙂 What’s up next for you?

Well, Eternal Rider comes out at the end of March, and after that, the final Sydney Croft book comes out in July. Stephanie (my Croft writing partner,) and I are SO excited about that last book, Taken By Fire. It ties up all loose ends and was a blast to write.

Larissa was nice enough to give us a glimpse at her upcoming Eternal Rider, the first in the Lords of Deliverance series coming very soon! And just a glimpse will make you burn for more….

Eternal Rider

Fury and frustration at Cara’s helplessness, her situation, and at Ares made something inside her snap, and she launched herself. Ares spun and caught her easily as she struck out, and in a heartbeat, she found herself backed into the wall, his body pinning her, one hand gripping her shoulder, the other cupping her chin so she couldn’t so much as turn her head.
“I am the only thing standing between you and death,” he said through clenched teeth, “so I’d be a little more grateful if I were you.”
“Are you completely delusional?” She wriggled, but she might as well have been trying to move a boulder.
“Listen to me carefully, Cara.” His voice had gone quiet. Chillingly quiet. “Don’t ever use violence against me. Violence…excites me. You do not want to be part of that.”
His dark gaze narrowed, his jaw tightened, and for a moment, she thought she’d gone too far. After all, she didn’t know anything about the Horsemen beyond what she’d seen in the movies, read in books, or heard in Bible school so many years ago, and none of it was very flattering. Her heart pounded as her anxiety level rose, and then a subtle shift in his expression made her heart pound for a different reason.
He’d softened. Even his grip had loosened, and yet, he’d somehow gotten closer. The brand between her breasts drummed, and as she studied the pulsing vein in his temple, it occurred to her that the rhythm was the same as her own.
She became achingly aware of a dozen different sensations, including the heat radiating off him, and though the room was already warm, his weight, his heat…it sent a fluid surge of lust to her very center.
And his mouth…she remembered putting her lips on him.
God help her, she wanted to do it again.

Leave Larissa a comment on her post and qualify to win an ebook of Eternity Embraced AND a choice of her backlist books! All winners for the four contests will be announced this Sunday evening.

A Short, Fun Velvet Cataclysm Paranormal Contest!
Thursday, February 24th, 2011

Velvet Cataclysm, Erotic Paranormal, in bookstores March 1

Welcome all! As many of you may know, Velvet Cataclysm is being released in print March 1, so I’m throwing a little Vampire/Paranormal contest to celebrate! I’ve got some awesome paranormal authors stopping by for the next few days to chat. There will be daily prizes give away to one commenter on the blog! So put on your best vampire dress and join the fun!

Up next, Moira Rogers!!

The Winner of Pride and Prejudice is
Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

The random number generator says #3, so congrats to Alice Priday!

Thanks to everyone for participating and joining in on the discussion! I hope you’ll come back tomorrow, when Larissa Ione will be here, starting off my mini paranormal contest for the release of Velvet Cataclysm in print.

See you then!

Here they are, side by side
Sunday, February 20th, 2011

I talked about the glorious differences of these two upcoming Beth Kery releases at the Bradford Bunch today.

Tricked Truths is available for .99 cents, now!
Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

And it has a pretty new cover….

Fiona Jayde designed it for me. I think it’s pretty dang hot.

If you want to check it out in ebook format for .99 cents,


More about Tricked Truths here

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

Howdy all! Is everyone keeping warm? I just saw an article about how the heaviness of accumulated snow is collapsing people’s roofs in New England. Please, Lord, send us spring early. 🙂

I dont’ think I’ve mentioned to the Beth Kery/Bethany Kane blog world that I’m doing a book signing with the awesome Julie James on March 13, Barnes and Noble Webster Place, Chicago, IL at 3 pm. Should be fun, plus, I recently heard that my wonderful, awesome high school friend is coming to the event. So happy about that. If you’d like more details, write me at bethkery@aol.com. I’d be so happy to see and meet you.

Another heads up–I’m doing a quick, but ever so fun contest for the release of Velvet Cataclysm in print! It comes out on March 1, and in the days before it’s release, I have amazing authors Larissa Ione, Cynthia Eden and Moira Rogers stopping by to talk about their latest books and give interviews or blogs! Daily book giveaways from these ladies, plus a grand prize from moi. It’ll be a little vampire exclusive. Don’t miss it, starting Feb 24!

I will be at RT this year in Los Angeles, so I’m hoping to meet some of you there for the first time! I’m starting to really get excited about that. I’ll be doing a couple workshops, so if you see my name, come by and snag me to chat afterwards!

Velvet Cataclysm, in print on March 1

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