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Velvet Cataclysm Week Long Contest Begins!
Monday, May 10th, 2010

Hello all! I have the first book in a new paranormal series called Princes of the Underground coming out next Tuesday from Samhain! Lea Closetwriter is doing a giveaway of Velvet Cataclysm this week, if you’d like to pop over and check that out. She’s also done a review of Velvet Cataclsym.

I’m really excited about this book, as well as the series concept. In order to celebrate it’s release, I’m going to do a week long contest to build up to it. This is how my contest is going to work, so read carefully.

Every day, I will put up a different bit about Velvet Cataclysm along with one prize, usually a book, but also some fun ‘stuff’ will be included. Leave a meaningful comment about the day’s entry about Velvet Cataclysm. Next week, I will compile every entry made. If I choose your name, you will win EVERY prize on the day you left an entry. So, for instance, if you stop by three out of the six days of the contest and comment, you will win the prizes offered on those three days. If you leave one comment, you win the prize for that day. If you leave six comments on each day, YOU WILL WIN ALL THE PRIZES!! The drawing and announcement of the winner will be next Monday, May 17.

Sound fun? Please email me at bethkery@aol.com if you have questions.

Monday’s prize is a copy of my just released print copy of Fleet Blade along with an Ellora’s Cavemen Card Deck. (This is a fun deck of playing cards including 52 sexy books covers).

Fleet Blade by Beth Kery

Fleet Blade by Beth Kery

Contest:One word/idea I created in Velvet C. is vitessence–the life force, the energy of the soul. My “vampires” are soulless, so they have no life force, and it’s this they must vampirize from humans in order to survive. Vitessence can be absorbed like energy, but it also is concentrated in the fluids of humans, especially those fluids that are infused with emotion: tears, blood…sexual secretions. So Saint, my hero, and his evil clone Teslar are energy vampires, but vampires in the true sense, as well.

In the book and the video for Velvet Cataclysm (below) I chose the symbol of the sunflower to represent Christina, and the blaze of color and life she brings to Saint’s gray and soulless existence.

Please leave a comment about Velvet C. or the video, and you will qualify to win Monday’s Contest prizes.

Fleet Blade in Print, and a New Cover!
Friday, May 7th, 2010

Happy Friday!

I love a historical once in a while, and I have written a few. One of them is my novel Fleet Blade, and erotic historical from Ellora’s Cave which was just released in print at EC for $12.00. Much to my surprise, when it released it had a new cover!

Old e-book cover

Old e-book cover

New Print Cover

New Print Cover

Here’s a blurb about Fleet Blade:

Lady Lora Alexander thrived on adventure and got it by regularly sneaking around London by way of the subterranean tunnels of the buried Fleet River. The wild, tempestuous beauty required a measure of discipline, but no one dared give it to her until she literally ran into the infamous Blade, the dashing gentleman thief who had been regularly stealing priceless items of Egyptian art from the British aristocracy.

Sin Drake had been captivated by Lora’s portrait since he’d first used the underground tunnels of the Fleet River and raided her bedroom. His informant’s reports of Lora’s scandalous, out of control behavior increasingly irritated him. He dared her to become his sex slave, thinking not only of his own satisfaction, but also knowing from personal experience that the fiery young woman sorely needed a measure of self-control before she burned and destroyed everything in her path…most importantly herself.

But as Sin spent more and more time with Lora, he began to wonder what he wanted most—to tame her or watch her run free; to let her go or keep her by his side forever.

Which cover do you like better? I’m partial to the new one, as it looks more historical and Lora actually has dark, not red hair. I think it’s the same guy though, who actually is a model vs. being stock art.

New Video, Velvet Cataclysm
Monday, May 3rd, 2010

Howdy all! I’m back from RT, feeling exhausted but so glad I went. I saw so many wonderful people and generally had a blast. I’ll be sure and post some pics once I get them all gathered.

I may not have my RT photos ready, but I DO have my brand new video for Velvet Cataclysm, my Samhain novel which releases May 18, ready to show you guys. I’m very excited for this series to begin. What do you think?

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