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Did another work week just begin?
Monday, August 24th, 2009

Sometimes, one slides into another, doesn’t it? lol

Well, I feel like I’m starting to gear up for fall. Fall is a good time to set goals, so I’ll state a few here. I’d really like to pick up my word count. I hate to admit it, but I think I actually wrote more when I wasn’t published, and wasn’t worried about contracts and proposals and what not. There’s something to be said for the pure joy of writing. I’m going to try and focus on that for a few stories that I have in my folder. I know for my short novel called Holiday Bound, which is coming out in December from Samhain, I had no expectations and really just enjoyed writing for the sake of writing. So I’m going to try and get a bit of that feeling back.

Other changes/upcoming: hubby and I are having some work done around the condo, which is always exciting. Nothing major, but fun to see the progress the workmen have made during the day. We are taking our annual trip to Tahoe in September–yeah! This time, Fi and her husband are coming to stay with us a bit at the time share, so that ought to be awesome. Can’t wait to see the aspens turning.

AND, I have to start planning for Paradise Rules release on October 6. Time to gear up for another party, this time Hawaiian style! I’m in the process of having a couple videos done, which is tons of fun.

I’m continuing to try and exercise several days a week. I did pretty well this summer, but would like to try harder.

Do you have any goals for this fall?

Snippet Saturday: Setting
Friday, August 21st, 2009

Snippet Saturday
Lana stood and followed him down the hallway, their bare feet padding softly on the cool wood floor. She waited while he paused in the bathroom, glancing around his home.
She’d noticed when she entered earlier that although he left his windows open to the sultry Hawaiian breezes, his air-conditioning had been set to a low setting. When it became too stuffy inside the breezy boathouse, the air conditioner kicked on, cooling the interior. A small roof surrounded the entire boat, casting the living quarters in a pleasant shadow that contrasted drastically with the brilliance of the sun reflecting off the Pacific Ocean.
Jason Koa had created a lovely, incredibly peaceful home for himself, Lana acknowledged as she waited behind him while he opened a pair of patio doors in the living room.
They stepped onto the deck. Lana blinked in the blinding sunlight. She looked out on a circular cerulean body of water. The waves were even gentler here than in the protected harbor. She hadn’t noticed it before when she circled the deck, searching for Jason, but he’d moored his boat at the mouth of a lagoon. A hundred feet away she saw a white beach. To the left, a finger of land stretched out into the water. An enormous koa tree, its trunk possibly ten or eleven feet thick, persevered on the tiny spit of land. A few palms crowded next to it, along with a thick tangle of foliage. The inlet was protected on the opposite side by the curve of the land. In the distance she saw the vastness of the Pacific Ocean.
“Wow,” Lana murmured as she gazed out at the calm blue waters. “A private swimming pool.”

Sun rising at Lanikai

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Shout and some little tidbits
Friday, August 21st, 2009

The end of summer always brings up a feeling of sadness and longing in me, probably left over from kid-dom from when I clung onto those last lovely freedom-filled days before going back to the structure of the schoolyear.

I had a very nice summer, though. You?

Just a couple annnouncements:

Snippet Saturday tomorrow–the theme is settings, so stop by here, read my tropical, sensual setting scene from my upcoming Berkley Heat book, Paradise Rules, and then click on links to read setting scenes from dozens of other terrific authors.

Lanikai Beach--where heaven meets the sea--one of my settings in Paradise Rules

Lanikai Beach--where heaven meets the sea--one of my settings in Paradise Rules

Wicked Burn is on the bargain list at Amazon! Buy it now here in paperback, new for $6.00. That’s a deal!

The summer was pretty fruitful as far as writing goes. I finished several proposals and am waiting to hear–gnawing my nails away in the meantime. (Just kidding, I don’t bite my nails. Internally I am, though–lol) I just submitted a proposal for an emotionally intense, family-focused romance to my agent–the first non-erotic I’ve written with the NY market in mind. We’ll have to see.

Meanwhile, mentally my fingernails are turning into stubs.

How do you rate your summer of 2009?

The RNTV blog and a weird realization
Monday, August 17th, 2009

I’m hoping other people feel this way, too, but I have a very hard time speaking to my point ‘in the moment.’

Now, part of my profession is that I teach people about assertive communicaion. Not aggressive. Not passive–but owning up to your emotions, not with an attempt to change circumstances, but because we have a right…and responsiblity…to express what’s going on. And a little adjunct that I forget to emphasize–and that always comes back to haunt me when I don’t–is that part of good communication is that you can COME BACK at any time. Because you didn’t say it right in the heat of the moment–whip off that Hollywood line–doesn’t mean you can’t go BACK. It doesn’t have to be perfect the first time around.

So…this is an after thing. I’ve been asked several times about my motivation for WICKED BURN. I’ve never been happy about my answer before. But when Stacy, who writes for RNTV and her own blog, asked me about my inspiration for Wicked Burn, I jotted off this answer really quickly… and I loved this explanation, where my other descriptions about Wicked Burn left me feeling…not complete.

So I’m re-printing this from the comment section from my blog at RNTV.

Stacy: Your story, Wicked Burn, is one of my favorites. It’s incredibly moving and emotional. Can you tell us what inspired you to write Niall’s story, and bring into her a life a force of nature like Vic?

BK: Stacy”“Wicked Burn came to me from a variety of sources. Since I live in the city, I’m fascinated by the idea of so many people living in such close proximity to the other”“the idea of so many lives separated by a feet and some thin walls. It’s very symbolic, to me, of our mental barriers. We think we’re so far apart from strangers, but given the right circumstances and emotional pressure, we could so easily be hurtled into another’s life.
I’d also wanted to do something about a character with PTSD, someone who was essentially one of the “˜walking dead.’ So I came up with a story about two people who crashed through the barriers that keep us separate and safe in our own separate words and how that explosion that seemingly came out of nowhere really ended up being a need to connect and heal.

Well, it’s not total, but it’s the most succint that I’ve come up with so far. I actually liked that explanation.

If you’d like to read the whole interview….click here.

Snippet Saturday, Character Sketch
Sunday, August 16th, 2009

Morning all. I didn’t realize I was supposed to be posting for Snippet Saturday, so here I am for…er…Snippet Sunday. My apologies to other authors. Saturday is a work day for me, and I get a little distracted sometimes.

Anyway, here is a quick sketch of my hero, Sean Kennedy, from a Berkley Heat book coming out 2/2010 called RELEASE.


Sean watched her closely, seeing her indecision, her exhaustion. He sensed something else in her; something he strongly suspected was fear. The realization that it was he who was making her practically vibrate with anxiety made him feel like he’d just tipped pure acid down his throat.
He understood why she was so nervous around him . . . to an extent, anyway. He cursed himself at least once a day for his uncharacteristic impulsivity on that night three years ago. Genny had every right to avoid him like he carried a particularly potent version of the plague. When he’d been desperate to see her after Max’s death, he’d sometimes catch her wincing when she looked at him.
He’d made a mistake. But that’d been years ago. How long did he have to suffer for caring about something beyond wisdom and circumstances?
Beyond reason?
He knew he wasn’t good enough for Genny, but that simple fact had never once stopped him from wanting her more than he’d ever wanted anything. Besides, Sean figured he possessed some kind of deep psychological flaw that made him rebel against the obvious.
Stubbornness stiffened his backbone and he sat forward on the couch, elbows on his knees. He’d grown up knowing that if you wanted something, you had to do more than just fight for it. You had to go into that fight like it was your last volitional act on earth. You had to be willing to sacrifice everything before you went into that battle, whether it was a back-alley scrap with a bully or an Iraqi who hated you so much it was like a poison in his blood.
It hadn’t been hard for him as a kid to live by that code. He’d had nothing of substance to lose but his own life—and hadn’t he gotten the message from plenty of people that even that was a worthless commodity?
He still had nothing to lose at age thirty-seven, Sean admitted to himself grimly. But Genny had wandered into his domain again, even if it had been unintentional on her part. Mistakes and sins be damned.
He wasn’t going to let her go without a fight.

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Snippet Saturday, First Physical Touch, Daring Time
Friday, August 7th, 2009

Snippet Saturday

The theme for Snippet Saturday this week is First Physical Touch, and I’m providing a snippet from my erotic romance/time travel, Daring Time. Click on the links below to follow the theme of first physical touch with dozens of contributing authors.

This is an adult excerpt that occurs when Ryan and Hope first touch through a magical mirror across the barrier of the one hundred and two years that separate them…

She licked her lower lip in nervous excitement, startling when Ryan pressed his hand to the other side of the mirror.
She glanced up, held prisoner by his gaze.
“Hope,” he repeated, although she only saw his lips move, never hearing the sound. The degree of longing and frustration she saw in his singular eyes made her want to weep.
“Ryan, why can’t I touch you?” she whispered shakily. She was hardly aware of what she was doing as she pressed closer to the mirror…closer to him. She whimpered in desperate need when she saw his erection spring up at her movement. He came closer too and lowered his dark head. He stood so near his eyes looked like millions of points of sea green, cerulean blue and aquamarine points of light when she looked up at him. She saw that the continuous beard and mustache had been clipped very short and neat. The nearly black hair looked sleek as it encircled and highlighted his hard yet sensual mouth. It would be such a pleasure to trace her fingertip over it.
She raised a hand and pressed her finger to the glass just over his angular chin. He inched even closer. Hope glanced down and saw that the smooth head of his penis pressed directly against the glass. She looked up quickly, her cheeks heating with embarrassment and arousal. He said something. She strained to read his lips, but out of everything he uttered she only comprehended one word.
Her lack of comprehension and confusion must have shown on her face because Ryan cursed silently.
She’d understood that word perfectly well, especially since she shared in the stark frustration behind his exclamation.
For a moment he seemed indecisive, but then he glanced pointedly at his hand where it pressed against hers on the glass, as though he tried to tell her something. The barrier of the mirror and a hundred and two years separated them, however, and she felt uncertainty swell in her breast as she followed his gaze.
His hand was so much larger than her hers. Her own fit in his palm, her fingertips reaching only his second knuckle. She shivered with excitement when she realized this was the same hand that had been holding his dense erection when she first spied him. Was it her imagination, or could she feel heat emanating from the cool surface?
She started in surprise.
It’d seemed for a split second that her hand had sunk into the surface of the mirror.
She glanced up into Ryan’s face and could tell by his rigid expression that he had felt that give in the solid object as well. His lips shaped her name once again. He held her gaze and began to lower his hand. Hope followed his movement even as her gaze remained fixed on his fiery eyes. She definitely sensed heat now coming from the smooth surface of the mirror and followed it unerringly.
They both glanced down when their hands reached the area over their bellies and continued to slide down the mirror. Hope stopped breathing when Ryan fisted the stalk of his ruddy penis and pressed the head directly into the space over her opened palm.
She cried out sharply, raw need scraping at her throat. Heat scorched the center of her palm, but she pressed closer…desperate with wanting. His arm moved and she realized he stroked himself as he shared in her arousal. Her fingers rose to her own sex She strummed slick, burning flesh.
He lowered his other hand and made a protective cupping motion over the juncture of her thighs. Hope whimpered shakily.
They pleasured themselves, separate but connected. Their eyes held. Ryan’s hot, almost furious gaze left her in little doubt that he longed to be touching her as much as Hope wished she could touch him.
When his hand moved more rapidly between his thighs her actions matched his pace. Desire swelled both in her sex and her chest, feeling like it would burst out of her.
She cried out in alarmed excitement when she felt a new, divine friction between her thighs. Her hips pressed instinctively against the pressure even as the fingers over Ryan’s cock reached more insistently.
The solid pane of the mirror gave way to her desire.
Her fingertips pressed against steely flesh encased in warm, surprisingly soft skin. Her gaze sharpened on Ryan. Did he feel it too? His mouth had fallen partially open. His nostrils flared. Hope felt his penis surge beneath her moving, curious fingertips.
He felt it, to be sure.

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Seven Traits of Irresistible Men by Fiona Jayde
Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

Hubby sent me this article ““ which I thought was really interesting.

It basically lists seven ways that men seem irresistible and we aren’t talking about perfect physique.

1. Wink
2. Calmness
3. Takes care of himself (not perfect physique but nice bod)
4. Style ““ not necessarily James Bond, but a consistent “I am me and I’m comfortable with me” style
5. Manly scent (YUM)
6. Affectionate
7. Laugh loud hard and often.

It got me thinking about romance novel heroes I find irresistible, so I thought I’d put together Fi’s list of what makes a romance novel hero yummy.

1. Presence/confidence. You could say aura. I tend to love heroes with a very large presence ““ tortured souls, bad boys, dangerous guys with a soft spot. It goes with calm in a way ““ I don’t connect with drama queen heroes. Examples? Takashi from Ice Blue (my fave novel ever by Anne Stuart. Ryan Daire from Daring Time ““ by our very own Beth Kery.
2. On a mission. I tend to love cop/detective/secret agent heroes. (Maybe throw in some firefighters in there?) They are the good guys ““ maybe eroded some, maybe jaded to protect themselves, but they are the good guys intent on saving the world. And the heroine. Maybe I should say “on a good guy mission” ?
3. Conflicted as hell. In real life, I don’t like relationship drama. But in romance novels, I love the hero (and the heroine) be really conflicted about his feelings for the heroine. He can’t love her because of duty, he can’t trust her, whatever the reasons are, he fights the attraction with all his strength. He looses of course, but that’s the fun of it! Shane in Beth Kery’s Sweet Restraint has that conflict in the beginning of the book”“ and that conflict made for a blistering emotional love scene!
4. Just a tiny bit wild. Teeny tiny bit. I love seeing an ice-calm hero loose a grip on control because the heroine makes him crazy.

(Insert from Beth–all this is very true, however, I thought I’d include a photo of Ryan Reynolds on his knees to give Fi a truly irresistible man.)


What makes YOUR irresistible romance novel hero??
~~Fiona Jayde

Book Signing in Palos Heights, IL
Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

Hi all! Sorry I’ve been so negligent with my blog. Busy, busy.

The book signing I did in Palos Heights last Sunday with author Julie James was wonderful. Lots of warm, friendly ladies who LOVE their romance books. Here are some pics.


Julie and I

Julie and Stacy


That’s Ann Lorz second in from the left, and she’s the manager of Best Sellers Books. She told me to tell you all, that there are still signed copies of Sweet Restraint at the bookstore. If you’d like to purchase one, contact Ann at a.lorz@worldnet.att.net. I believe she said they’d ship at no charge. She’s a great contact to have for all your romance book needs, no matter where you are.

By the way, Julie James went on that evening to win in her genre and also the Grand Prize from the Chicago Screenwriters Network for her suspense screenplay! Congratulations to Julie!

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