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An Excerpt to Match that Smoking Paradise Rules Cover
Sunday, April 19th, 2009

I haven’t had an excerpt up of Paradise Rules until now. It eventually wasn’t supposed to come out until December, but it got moved up for release on October 6. I thought I better get it together and put up an excerpt on my website, so I just sent it to Frauke, my webmistress extrordinaire. In the meantime, I thought you might like a little peek to go with that beautiful new cover.


Publisher: Berkley Heat
Genre: Contemporary
Release Date: October 6, 2009

She didn’t believe in paradise…

To most people Hawaii’s crystal blue shores are an inviting opportunity to escape reality. But for Lana Rodriguez who grew up there, the picture-perfect vacation getaway disguises the bitter truths she escaped years ago, and not without some emotional scars. Now a successful blues singer, Lana’s returning to Waikiki with a different outlook on the past, and a bold defiance when it comes to men, romance, and sex. This time, it’s on her terms.

Until she found it in him.

Local celebrity, businessman and island god, Jason Koa, may be every woman’s dream. For Lana, it’s not exactly love at first sight. Though their start is rocky, they can’t deny the passions they arouse in each other. Jason refuses to become Lana’s pawn. It’s time to show her who makes the rules on this island—and in the bedroom. But will Jason’s attempt at breaking Lana’s shell reveal secrets that neither are prepared to face, or will they allow themselves to get swept away by a tidal wave of desire?


Five minutes later, after he was satisfied that Melanie had the basics of paddling, kneeling, positioning herself in a standing position in the center of the board, and falling in the safest way, Jason suggested that she go and pick out a board from the beginner rack he kept on the beach.

He gave Melanie’s silent friend a bland look. “You’re up.”

“I don’t need instruction on the basics.”

“Is that right?” he asked mockingly.

He glanced down over her. He had to admit she had the body of an athlete. It wouldn’t surprise him if she knew exactly what she was doing. He’d immediately taken note of the casual manner in which she took off her sundress earlier in his shop. She was as used to bearing her body as the female swimmers he knew—as most native Hawaiians, for that matter.

He hated to admit it, but she had excellent reason to be comfortable stripping down in public. She had a jaw-dropping body—strong and supple, but soft and feminine, too. And even though she wasn’t tanned, her smooth skin held a golden hue that promised to soak up the sun thirstily. If she stayed on the island for two weeks, she’d probably be ready to contend in a Miss Hawaiian Tropic contest.

“I’ll be the one to decide whether or not you need instruction. Get up on the board, and show me the basics.”

Her muscles stiffened. For a second, he thought she’d refuse, which would be fine by him. He’d be more than happy to leave her on the beach.

She surprised him by stepping up on the board, however. He stopped her with a hand on her elbow when she started to lie down on her belly.

“Take off the hat and glasses.”

She started. Despite her frigid nature, her skin felt warm and satiny beneath his appreciative fingers.

“Why? What difference does it make?”

“I like to be able to look into the eyes of my students. Got a problem with that?”

He felt her stare on him from behind the dark glasses.

“Look, Waikiki isn’t Waimea in March—or even Sandy for that matter,” he said, referring to a few Oahu advanced surfer beaches. “But it ain’t the wave pool at the water park, either, lady. Those waves can pound the hell out of you. If you don’t do what I say, it can be dangerous. Call me an ass, but I tend to like to know what I’m dealing with before I take responsibility for you out there. If I can’t look into your eyes, it makes it a little difficult for me to know what you’re made of. Play by my rules, or don’t play at all.”

He realized he’d tightened his grip on her firm biceps. Without speaking she removed the straw hat and tossed it on the grass. Brown hair with golden highlights spilled around her shoulders. The glasses landed on top of the hat. Exotically tilted hazel eyes studied him coldly through thick, long lashes.

He knew those eyes. He knew that face. So did half the population.

He dropped his hand.

Okay, so half the population wouldn’t recognize her. She wasn’t pop-star famous by any means, but she did have a loyal following, not to mention the fact that her work commanded the respect of blues and jazz aficionados across the globe.

“Show me what you got,” he said grimly. He watched her as she gracefully came up into a surfing stance.

“I told you,” she said coldly over her left shoulder.

Jason spread his hand on the back of her thigh. “You know the actions, but you need to loosen up. You’re too tight. Relax.” He almost broke out in a huge smile when he slapped her thigh lightly. Her eyes widened in disbelief.

“Get your hand off me.”

“Give me a break, lady,” he muttered as he slid his hand down to her ankle, urging her to widen her stance an inch or two. “You saw me touching your friend as well. You need to relax more than just your body. Your attitude could use a Hawaiian adjustment as well.”

“Think I should just hang loose, dude?”

He paused with his hand on her firm calf and glanced up at her. Her face was livid with fury.

“You know, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you wear that particular expression on the front cover of a magazine. I guess that’s for the best, considering the publisher wants people to buy their magazine, not be repulsed by it.”

She clamped her jaw shut. He watched in fascination as her face smoothed into a beautiful mask of impassivity. He stroked her satiny skin ever so lightly, preferring her fury for some reason. Must be turning into a masochist in his old age. When she tensed even further, he knew she’d noticed his subtle groping. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Melanie approaching with a short board under her arm.

“Lana.” Her name lingered on his tongue. “That wouldn’t be short for ‘Ailana now, would it?”

This was interesting, Jason thought when he saw her cheek muscle twitch. He rose slowly until he looked down at her, holding her gaze all the while.

“It means loving in Hawaiian. Of course without the okina, the word ailana refers to raw, fuck-me-till-I’m-blind sexual intercourse,” he said softly, referring to the punctuation mark before the name. He saw the fury return to her expression and smiled insolently. “Ah—I see you already knew that, ‘Ailana.”

“There isn’t a damn thing you can teach me that I don’t already know and wish I didn’t, Mr. Koa.”

He leaned closer, catching her fresh, floral fragrance combined with healthy, sweet sweat. Onaona, he thought, instinctively using his admittedly primitive knowledge of the Hawaiian language to describe her scent. She even smelled like the islands.

“I beg to differ.”

He saw her nostrils flare. His eyes fastened on her lush mouth.

“Is this board okay, Jason?” Melanie called out. He stepped back, glad for the interruption. He was only too happy to consider something else beside the fact that his cock had just stiffened to a lead pipe as he verbally sparred with a prima dona who clearly had some serious issues.

Not his problem.

So what if her personality was a far stretch from what he’d thought it would be given her low, sultry singing voice. Her voice, face, and body had thrilled many a male before him. He didn’t need to be a fan of the entertainment industry to know that most famous people were whacked. Why should it surprise him that Lana Rodriguez was no different?

Still, Jason acknowledged he was disappointed. Her voice and bluesy arrangements brought out the pensive, moody side of him—the side he rarely showed others, certainly not in his role as an athlete or as an extroverted businessman in the Hawaiian tourist industry. In truth, he’d always been a little haunted by her songs.

He suppressed a frown when he fully registered his thoughts and gave an easy grin instead.

“Yeah, that’s perfect, Melanie. Why don’t you go and pick a board, Lana, and we’ll catch a wave.”

“Bitchin’,” he heard Lana mutter scathingly under her breath before she walked away.

And now, to kick back and weekend relax with my new book, Daring Time
Friday, April 17th, 2009

This has really been a whirlwind of fabulous authors. Thanks to all of you–readers and authors–for making this so fun. So, tonight and Saturday are unscheduled days, so that means, a mega-fun Daring Time Feature!! I’m going to tell you a bit about my upcoming erotic romance/time travel release of Daring Time, including a never seen before R-rated excerpt. If you leave a comment or ask a quesiton, I’ll send one commenter a signed copy of Daring Time, a Paradise Rules t-shirt, and various assorted promo items PLUS, your choice of ONE of the these three books brand new books: Wicked Burn (that one would be signed by me:)), Mr. Darcy’s Daughters by Elizabeth Aston, or Riding on Instinct by Jaci Burton.
He sees her, wants her, needs her…

Chicago Detective Ryan Daire has many secrets: a love for Shakespeare, an appreciation for the all the finer things in life, and an absolute lack of restraint in the bedroom. Now he has an even bigger secret. In every shifting shadow of the sprawling mansion he’s recently inherited he can see her—tempting, ethereal, and untouchable. Hope Stillwater inhabited that mansion in 1906. Raw desire has formed a conduit between these two passionate souls who are separated by the barrier of time.

Now he has to have her.

Intoxicated by each other’s presence, Ryan and Hope are closer than ever to crossing that inviting boundary between two worlds. But there is one grave danger: Ryan’s job has put him on the trail of a depraved criminal in an investigation that’s risking Hope’s eternal fate and happiness. Now he must do whatever it takes to change history, protect Hope from harm, and set his own desires free.

Never Before Seen Excerpt of Daring Time

Water streamed off his body when he stood quickly. He lifted one foot to step out, looked up and almost fell out of the deep tub when he lost his balance. His breath burned in his lungs as he stared in open-mouthed disbelief.
He gaped at a very alive-looking, half-naked Hope Stillwater.
Her eyes looked enormous in her delicate face as she peered at him over a damp, creamy shoulder. She stood at the bowl of the sink, masses of curling dark hair pinned up on her head. She held a sponge in her frozen hand. It dripped into the filled basin, the resulting sound perfectly real, soft and somehow soothing to Ryan’s stunned brain.
He had caught her in the private ritual of a sponge bath.
After a moment the weird vibrations of shock resonating through him lessened. He’d been mistaken. His imagination had gotten the best of him. This was a very real woman. She must have been living in the mansion illegally. Perhaps she was the former owner and had never vacated the premises?
Despite his logical thoughts, when he finally spoke what he said was completely irrational.
“Hope?” he asked, his volume level barely above a whisper. It was as if she existed inside a fragile bubble and he was afraid his robust male essence would pop her into oblivion.
The sponge she clutched dropped into the basin of water as though she’d lost muscular control. He watched, mesmerized, as she slowly turned to face him. She met his gaze and nodded her head once.
“Hope Stillwater?” he clarified.
Again she nodded, her huge eyes never leaving his face.
Ryan blinked in amazement. Her beauty was so immense, however, that it drew his attention away even from the fact that he was impossibly standing in a bathroom with a woman who’d lived a century before him.
The light that fell upon her naked shoulders and chest wasn’t the same dim electric fixture that shone in Ryan’s world. Her source of radiance caressed her like a lover, making her flawless, damp skin seem to glow with a dark gold light. He saw her elegant neck convulse as his gaze lowered over her body.
She wore a pair of frilly white pantaloons—at least that’s what Ryan thought they called the woman’s undergarment—but her upper body was bare excerpt for the silver locket. Her arms were beautifully shaped and graceful, her carriage slender and proud. Her breasts were full, but thrust high and firm off the plane of her chest and ribs. His penis tugged in arousal as he stared at the large pink nipples. The fantasy of suckling the tender crests and feeling them tauten under his tongue played across his mind in graphic detail.
Her breathy whisper did the impossible and removed his hot stare from the most beautiful breasts he’d ever seen. Like her, he merely nodded when he met her gaze. She’d temporarily stolen his wits along with his voice. He noticed the silent query in her velvety eyes, the amazement mixing with anxiety shaping her features. He raised his hand in an instinctive quieting gesture.
“Shhh,” he soothed, as though he were afraid her nervousness was like a loud noise—something that would rob him of the exquisite, otherworldly moment. “There’s nothing to be afraid of. I’m just a man who lives in your house. I’m not sure why we’re able to see each other like this.”
Her breasts trembled slightly at his words.
“Why wouldn’t we be able to see each other?” she whispered cautiously. She took a step toward him, her eyes searching his face. “Are you a spirit?”
“Not that I’m aware of. I was about to ask you the same question…even though I don’t believe in ghosts.”
She started slightly, as though she hadn’t expected the amusement in his voice at such a moment.
“I’m just a man, Hope.”
Her eyes lowered down over him.
“I see that,” she murmured, her tone slightly dazed.
Her stare felt like the equivalent of a touch on the prickling skin of his chest and abdomen. When it lowered even further his cock jerked in arousal.
He couldn’t stop himself. He laughed softly when he saw her startled expression of amazement as she stared at his cock with a mixture of twenty percent trepidation and eighty percent fascination. When she realized where she was staring her eyes darted to his face. She blushed.
“I’m sorry,” she murmured, clearly bemused even further by his laughter. “I’ve never seen a man without his clothes on before. You’re the largest man I’ve ever seen.”
“That would go without saying, since as you said, you’ve never seen a man naked before,” Ryan said through a smile.
“I meant your overall size…not…not the size of…” Her voice quavered and trailed off. This time a bloom of color rose all the way from her chest to her cheeks, but that didn’t stop her curious gaze from flickering back to his groin.
“I know what you meant,” Ryan said quietly.
The bizarreness of the situation soaked into his awareness fully for the first time at that moment. She existed but she didn’t exist. The information Gail had given him today proclaimed that without a doubt, Hope Stillwater had been dead for over a century.
And yet she stood before him vibrant with life. What’s more, he was naked and she was nearly so, and they were both obviously highly aware of each other sexually if his lengthening erection and her stiffening nipples were any indication.
Or perhaps she’d just grown chilly, damp as she was?
Her dark eyes lowered over him once again, lingering on his cock, and Ryan knew that her tightening nipples and flushed cheeks weren’t caused by a chill in the air and embarrassment—at least not entirely. With her eyes still fastened on his growing erection, she spoke.
“If…if you are not a spirit, then what are you?”
“A flesh and blood man,” Ryan replied even as said flesh and blood pulsated with a primitive need to mate with the luscious female who stood before him. His muscles clenched when her gaze traveled up his torso, pausing to linger on his chest before she met his stare. He inhaled slowly to stave off a powerful wave of lust.
“Maybe I should get my towel—”
“You’re even more beautiful than the Michelangelo sculptures I saw in Rome and Florence.”
Ryan’s mouth fell open at her spontaneous, sweet words. He’d never experienced such uncontrived honesty. He was accustomed to guarded, defensive women…to people in general playing it cool in order to protect their vulnerable inner selves. To have such a beautiful woman compliment him so openly given the bizarreness—no, the impossibility of the situation—acted as an aphrodisiac just as potent as her naked, flame-gilded flesh.

Early Reviews for Daring Time

An intense and erotic journey though time.
— 5 Angels and a Recommended Read from Fallen Angel Reviews

A smooth blend of fantasy, crime and erotic romance that keeps you on your toes, breathless, with your heart in your mouth; 5 pints of blood, Shannon at Genre Reviews

Beth Kery spins a unique and sensual tale of time- travel and love. Definitely a must-read”“Fresh Fiction Reviews

A hauntingly beautiful and enduring love story.
— 5 Bookmarks from Wild on Books

“Love’s not Time’s fool”, and this exquisite story, while a fantasy, proves that short beautiful line of poetry true; Lea-Closetwriter Blogspot

Daring Time takes readers on an imaginative and scintillating trip back in time. A truly unique and original story.
— 4 Stars from Romantic Times

5 Stars from Harriet Klausner““Daring Time is an invigorating fast-paced romantic time travel/police procedural.

And good news! Daring Time is shipping EARLY from Barnes and Noble–yep, they’re sending it out today! It’s also available for order at Amazon and Borders, and officially releases May 5, 2009.

The winner will be announced early in the afternoon Sunday April 19, at which time, fabulous author Shelli Stevens will be joining us!

And the Winner of Elizabeths Contest Is
Friday, April 17th, 2009

Lori Ann!

Congrats Lori Ann! Please write me at bethkery@aol.com with your addy, and I will forward the info onto Elizabeth.

Elizabeth, you were quite a hit! My deepest appreciation. Thanks to everyone who greeted Elizabeth and made her feel at home. I think Lori Ann is in for a real treat!

Up next, a bit more about Daring Time (yes…the contest book!) and a giveaway of an advanced copy of…yep, Daring Time–lol, along with lots of other stuff like a Paradise Rules t-shirt, a pen…and you know…stuff.

New Cover Art! Paradise Rules
Thursday, April 16th, 2009

I have new cover art!

Publisher: Berkley Heat
Genre: Contemporary
Release Date: October 6, 2009
Format: Trade Paperback

She didn’t believe in paradise…

To most people Hawaii’s crystal blue shores are an inviting opportunity to escape reality. But for Lana Rodriguez who grew up there, the picture-perfect vacation getaway disguises the bitter truths she escaped years ago, and not without some emotional scars. Now a successful blues singer, Lana’s returning to Waikiki with a different outlook on the past, and a bold defiance when it comes to men, romance, and sex. This time, it’s on her terms.

Until she found it in him.

Local celebrity, businessman and island god, Jason Koa, may be every woman’s dream. For Lana, it’s not exactly love at first sight. Though their start is rocky, they can’t deny the passions they arouse in each other. Jason refuses to become Lana’s pawn. It’s time to show her who makes the rules on this island—and in the bedroom. But will Jason’s attempt at breaking Lana’s shell reveal secrets that neither are prepared to face, or will they allow themselves to get swept away by a tidal wave of desire?

The Winner of Julie James Contest Is
Thursday, April 16th, 2009

Congratulations, Jody! You are in for a treat. Write me at bethkery@aol.com and I’ll forward your addy to Julie!
That was fun, Julie. Thanks to all who participated.
Up next, Elizabeth Amber is going to wow us! But first…

Julie James Is Here To Talk With Us. Watch Her ABC News Interview (and a Givaway of Practice Makes Perfect)
Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

Join me in welcoming talented author and my Chicago friend, Julie James today! She’s here to tell us about her smash hit second book from Berkley Practice Makes Perfect. Leave Julie a comment or ask her a question, and your name will go into a pot to win a signed copy of Practice Makes Perfect on the evening of 4/16! If you haven’t tried Julie’s stuff yet, you’re in for a refreshing treat!



Payton Kendall and J.D. Jameson are lawyers who know the meaning of objection. A feminist to the bone, Payton has fought hard to succeed in a profession dominated by men. Born wealthy, privileged, and cocky, J.D. has fought hard to ignore her. Face to face, they’re perfectly civil. They have to be. For eight years they’ve kept a safe distance and tolerated each other as co-workers for one reason only: to make partner at the firm.


But all bets are off when they’re asked to join forces on a major case. At first apprehensive, they begin to appreciate each other’s dedication to the law—and the sparks between them quickly turn into attraction. But the increasingly hot connection doesn’t last long when they discover that only one of them will be named partner. Now it’s an all out war. And the battle between the sexes is bound to make these lawyers hot under the collar . . .

****1/2 stars—Romantic Times
****1/2 stars—The Book Binge
****1/2 stars—Romance Novel TV
5 hearts—Night Owl Romance
Perfect Ten—Romance Reviews Today

Buy Practice Makes Perfect Now
Read an Excerpt

Julie James Interview

BK:What advice would you give an aspiring writer?

JJ: My advice is probably the same that many authors would give– not to give up! My writing career started with screenplays, and although two of my scripts were optioned, none were ultimately produced. Boy, was that disappointing. But then my agent suggested that I turn my first script, a romantic comedy called “The Andrews Project” into a novel and–voila!–I got a book deal with Berkley and that script became my debut novel, Just the Sexiest Man Alive. So even if your first, or second, or third book doesn’t pan out– don’t get discouraged. The road to publication for many authors is often not a short one.

BK: What is your writing routine?

JJ: I spend the first three or so hours every morning with my son, then start writing around 10a.m. I write until about 5 or 6pm, then break for family time. I’ll also usually squeeze in another hour or so after my son goes to sleep. In terms of my writing process, I’m a big-time plotter. I draft a very detailed outline before starting to write, usually 20 pages or so, that includes virtually every scene, snippets of dialogue, character background etc. This is how I know if I have enough of a story to support an entire book. What’s funny, though, is that once I start writing, I rarely look back at the outline– by then the story is so fully mapped out in my head I don’t need it.

BK: Did you have a favorite character in Practice Makes Perfect? If so, why did you hold him or her dear?

JJ: Honestly, I don’t think I could choose between the heroine and hero. Because Practice Makes Perfect is sort of a he said/she said story, I really tried to get equally into both of their heads. Payton (the heroine) is confident and so ready to go head-to-head with any man, particularly J.D., and that made her a ton of fun to write. But J.D. sneaks up on you… sure, he’s probably too confident, and he definitely comes close to crossing the line with some of his actions, but there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes with him than we realize at first and the fun is seeing that come out.

BK: Finish the following sentences (put your responses in bold)

If I’m tired, stressed and worn out, the first thing I want to do is….. take a hot, relaxing bath with a glass of red wine and a great book.

BK: Oh…woman after my own heart. 🙂

J.D. (the hero in PMP) would probably…..if someone rudely cut him off in traffic and then……… Wow. I was really stuck on this one, so I went to the source and asked J.D. himself. He said, “Men who drive Bentleys don’t get cut off in traffic.”

BK: Ah, touche J.D.
Payton (the heroine in PMP) has the following flaw– she’s incredibly attracted to a guy who actually says, “Men who drive Bentleys don’t get cut off in traffic,” but makes up for it by–giving him crap for that comment every chance she gets.

BK: And double-touche Payton!
If you could time travel to anyplace or time, where would you go and to what time period?

JJ: There are many time periods that would be fascinating, but most of them include an “only if.” As in, I’d love to go back to Jane Austen times, but “only if” I was a member of the upper-class (or at least had enough money to meet the likes of a Mr. Darcy… sigh…) So putting all “only ifs” aside, I think I would go back to junior high to tell myself not to get too wrapped up in all my awkward-phase, junior high worries–that everything comes together in the end. 🙂

BK: Great answers Julie (and J.D. and Payton, of course.)

Recently, Julie did an ABC news morning show about romance, the economy and of course, Practice Makes Perfect. Watch it here. She did a phenomenal job. As far as I’m concerned, she’s got my vote for Official Romance Spokesperson 🙂

AND a big thanks to Lea for putting the clip up for me. (I take pride in being a nerd, but unfortunately I’m not a tech-nerd.)


Thanks for being with us here today, Julie! See you at the wine bar on Saturday!

Everyone else, leave Julie a comment to qualify to win Practice Makes Perfect on the evening of 4/16! Also, be sure to enter the Daring Time Contest while you are here!

And the Winner of Cynthia Edens Contest Is
Wednesday, April 15th, 2009


Congrats to you, Blanche. Please write me at bethkery@aol.com with your addy and Cynthia book preference, and I will pass it on to her.

Thanks to all of you for participating, and Cindy–you’re awesome. Can’t wait to meet you in person next week at RT!

Up next…the fabulous Julie James and a Giveaway of her latest, Practice Makes Perfect!

The Talented Cynthia Eden is Here to Chat and a Giveaway of One of her Popular Books!
Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

Please help me welcome Bradford friend (we’re both represented by the fabulous Laura Bradford) and all around awesome lady, Cynthia Eden. Cynthia knows how to write those paranormals smoking hot. She’s giving away one of her books on the evening of April 15 (now that ought to cheer up tax day!) Just leave her a comment or question, and you qualifty to win a Cynthia Eden book of your choice. (Contest open world-wide; go to her website to find out more about Cindy’s books in case you win!)



Once, Maya Black was a kick-ass cop patrolling the streets of L.A. She still keeps the city safe, but nowadays her bad guys of choice include demons, werewolves, and assorted nocturnal scum. Something Maya knows a thing or two about. She’s a vampire—and not thrilled about it. Payback meet bitch.
Adam Brody hopes Maya is as dangerous as they say she is. He needs her to help rescue his niece Cammie from a ruthless band of vamps, and he’s willing to pay—in blood. Trusting her is another matter. Adam has never met a vampire who doesn’t lie. Then again, he’s never met anyone like Maya, who fills him with a desperate need that ignites into explosive, no-holds-barred encounters…

Cythia’s Website
Order Immortal Danger


“It’s hard to stand out in the vampire genre, but Eden makes the cut…The suspense is pulse-pounding, the sex hot…”
““Joyce Morgan, Romantic Times, 4 Stars
“A wild, adventurous ride readers will love!”
““New York Times best-selling author Angela Knight

Cythia’s Interview
BK: Thanks for coming to visit, Cindy!
What is sure to distract you from sitting down and working/writing?

CE: My son! Jack is three and the boy’s mission is often to distract me. But, once I actually do get at the computer, I find myself distracted by my latest toy…Facebook.

BK: What are you working on presently? What about upcoming releases?

CE: I’m currently working on the second book in my romantic suspense series for Grand Central. My heroine is a firefighter and my hero is an FBI agent and I am having a great time with their story!

For my upcoming releases, I’ll have a new release available on June 30th—the third book in my Midnight trilogy, MIDNIGHT’S MASTER, will be available. This book is the story of my demon Niol and the woman who challenges him to find a bit of good lurking inside the monster.

BK: Both books sound fascinating and fun, Cynthia. What’s the best compliment you ever got on your writing or a book?

CE: The biggest compliment was when a reader told me that she didn’t want the story to end. Oh, that was the best! To know that a reader was so involved in the story—really great.

BK: If you could time travel to any time or place—the past or future—where and when would you go to, and why?

CE: I’d like to travel back to Ancient Egypt. Once upon a time, I was a history teacher and I’ve always loved Ancient Egypt—such a powerful and mysterious time. What can I say? I’m a sucker for mummies.

Thanks for interviewing me, Beth!

BK: Interesting that you were a history teacher, Cynthia. All those old lessons come in handy for the bank of knowledge a writer requires. 🙂
It was my pleasure to have you, Cindy! Good luck with your writing.

Make sure you leave Cynthia a comment to qualify to win your choice of one of her books! Also, if you haven’t yet, make sure you enter the Daring Time Contest for some major goodies! You don’t have to have a blog or facebook, just follow the instructions to enter.

The Winner of Lisa Marie Rices Contest Is
Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

Congrats, Danielle, way to go. Thanks to everyone who participated today.
Up next…Cynthia Eden visits and is giving one lucky commenter on her feature/interview a choice of any one of her exciting, sexy books!

Gabbing with Lisa Marie Rice, a Peek at Dangerous Passions, and a Giveaway of A Fine Speciman
Monday, April 13th, 2009

We’re lucky to have the fabulous author Lisa Marie Rice here with us this evening and tomorrow. She’s giving us a tasty look at her HarperCollins Avon Red upcoming release called Dangerous Passions. Drop her a line or ask her a question, and you’ll be entered to win a download of A Fine Specimen on the evening of 4/14/9.


Today’s Giveaway: A FINE SPECIMEN
Now Available at Ellora’s Cave
Read an Excerpt
Check out Lisa Marie’s Newsletter

A Fine Specimen
Lieutenant Alex Cruz eats, sleeps and breathes law enforcement. He’s tough and brusque, and cops and criminals alike tremble before him. And that’s the way he likes it. Until he meets Caitlin Summers—and decides he wants her trembling beneath him.

The beautiful scholar is doing dissertation research in his cop shop, and seriously messing with his head. His self-imposed sexual abstinence comes to a screeching halt in Caitlin’s ratty hotel room and dies a permanent death in his bed…and his kitchen…and his living room. Caitlin is also intelligent and funny, kind and generous, her smile a burst of warmth in his cold, austere life. And that scares the crap out of him.

With his head and heart fighting a battle of wills, Alex can barely concentrate on work. And that’s too bad—because his dangerous job and his newfound love are about to clash in the worst way possible.

Note: A FINE SPECIMEN was previously released by another publisher under the title TAMING NICK.

And now, a Sneak Peek at Lisa Marie’s
Coming August 4, 2009
from HarperCollins Avon Red

Feelings kill faster than bullets.

That is Drake’s creed. A legend, a renegade, a ruthless, powerful enigma understood by no one and feared by all, Victor “Drake” Drakovich heads up a billion-dollar empire—and shows no mercy to the many enemies who would stop at nothing to destroy him. He is a man with no love and no weakness, until…

Grace Larsen takes Drake’s breath away the first time he sees her—and quickly becomes his obsession. Never before has he burned for someone the way he desires this hauntingly beautiful artist who is plagued by troubling dreams. He aches to possess her, to protect her, to carry her to new heights of sensuous arousal and rapturous release. And Grace cannot resist her all-consuming need for this dangerous man, surrendering to the inner voice that begs her to freely shed every inhibition.

But entering Drake’s world means becoming a target—for relentless, bloodthirsty foes have been eagerly waiting for him to expose his weak spot. And the price of their passion may be their lives.


Grace was in a fog of pain and shock, with barely the energy to hope that the car wouldn’t run into a light pole or overturn at the corners. She rocked against the man holding her as his blood soaked through her coat. When she felt the wetness she pulled away, horrified to see the front of her coat wet with his blood. She looked up at him, at that calm, strong face. He looked as if absolutely nothing was wrong. As if he hadn’t been assaulted, shot at, wounded.
But the wound was real, she could see the mangled flesh. “You need to close that wound with something or you’ll bleed out.”
What to use to staunch the wound? The scarf in her purse was long gone. A shrug and her coat was off. The lining was a silk and polyester blend. Maybe that would do as a pressure bandage, though she didn’t know the absorption properties of polyester. Still, it was the only thing she had, so she started ripping the lining. Her hand was covered by his broad, olive-toned one.
“Not necessary.”
“You’re bleeding!” Grace could hear the hysteria in her voice. Of all the horrible things that had happened since she’d walked into Harold’s gallery, this was one she could do something about. Not much, but something. “We have to stop the bleeding.” She batted his hand away, crumpled up the back panel of her jacket, pressed it against his wound and held it tightly.
Surely she was hurting him, but he gave no sign of that, not even a grunt. He just closed his eyes when she pressed against his shoulder.
“Sorry,” she whispered. He looked a little pale now, though it was hard to tell in the darkened cabin of the car. “I know I’m hurting you. But we’ll be at the hospital soon and they’ll stitch you up. It will be okay, you’ll see.”
She threw his words of comfort right back at him. The usual cheery words, words that were often overused and were often untrue. Life sometimes opened wounds that never healed. She hoped this one would. He’d saved her life.
The man leaned his head back against the head rest and closed his eyes. One big hand came up to cover hers. It was still shockingly warm, considering they’d been in the freezing rain and that he’d lost a lot of blood. “Not going to the hospital,” he said softly. “Not safe.”
Grace waited a few beats while what he said penetrated her weary brain, then jerked when she realized what he’d said. “That’s insane. Of course we have to take you to the hospital. You’ve been shot.”
His eyes opened suddenly, looking at her intently. Their faces were only inches apart. His eyes were chocolate brown, intelligent, weary. He reached up a hand to touch the scrapes and cuts on her face. His fingertips came away red and he held them up, studying them. “And you’ve been shot at.” Something flashed in his eyes, something hot and dangerous. “I’d kill them again for this. I’m sorry it was quick.”
Grace shivered. It was as if someone had opened a window and let in the chill winter air. “Never mind that, they’re all dead. Now we have to deal with your wound.”
“Yes, and yours. Just not in a hospital.”
Grace blinked. “If not in a hospital, then where?”
He glanced out the window, jaw muscles jumping. “Here.”
The car took a sudden turn into a garage entrance, plunging full speed down a ramp, braking inches from a concrete wall. Grace would have fallen to the floor if the man hadn’t braced her. The car was still rocking when the passenger doors were wrenched open and Grace was lifted out by two men.
Armed men surrounded the car and she found herself in the middle of a little phalanx, together with the dark-haired man. The armed men moved fast, as a unit. In an instant they were in an elevator. It was large enough to accommodate the team, and rose quickly. Grace looked up above the door to see what floor they were going to, but there was nothing. No indication of what floors they passed. She glanced to the side, to the big shiny brass plaque with the “˜close doors’ button. It was the only button on the plaque. They were in an elevator that only stopped at one floor. At the top of a building, apparently, because they rose for minutes, at an ear-popping pace.
The men stood at attention, surrounding them with their bodies, weapons drawn.
One of the men, tall and very fit, with a white streak in his black hair, turned to the man with her. “Glad you’re safe, Drake.” He glanced down at the shoulder wound, unflinching, as if he’d seen many of them. “Dr. Kane’s on his way, just like you asked.”
Drake. The man’s name was Drake. She had no idea if that was his first name or his last name.
She had no clue who he was, or where she was. All she knew was that she had been caught in the middle of what looked like an assassination attempt in which her best friend had violently lost his life. She was now in an elevator in the middle of a group of hard-looking armed men and had no idea what plans they had for her.
All of a sudden, it occurred to Grace that she was a witness. A witness to four murders. Five, counting Harold. Actually, six, assuming this Drake had killed the sniper. And they were definitely not headed towards the nearest police station so she could testify to what she’d seen.
She looked around, her heart starting to pound. Every man there was taller than her, way bigger than her, immensely tougher. They looked strong and dangerous, none more than their boss, the man they called Drake.
He hadn’t threatened her in any way, it was true. Indeed, the threat of harm to her had stopped him.
But she was in an enclosed space with him and this small army of men who looked perfectly capable of violence and she knew for a fact that Drake was capable of terrifying, swift and terrible violence.
If he meant her harm in any way, she was as good as dead. Nothing she could do could in any way stop him or even slow him down. She didn’t even know where she was, and no one else knew where she was.
For an instant, Grace regretted her quiet life. She had a few friends, but they didn’t meet up that often. Everyone was busy, no one more than her. She essentially worked around the clock, eating and sleeping at odd hours. She could be missing for several weeks, even a month, before anyone really took notice.
The person she saw the most was dead, his head shattered by a sniper’s bullet.
She’d had lunch with one of her best friends, Alice Restrepo, the day before yesterday. They only saw each other about once a month. How long would it take Alice to report her missing to the police? When Grace didn’t answer the phone, Alice would just assume she was consumed by a painting. The bell of worry would ring eventually, but by that time, Grace could be long dead. Could be at the bottom of the Hudson River or in a concrete piling in New Jersey. Could be raped, tortured to death, her mangled body buried where no one would ever find her.
She shivered, looking down at her feet, wishing she were invisible. Though no one was paying particular attention to her, she had no illusions that she could make a run for it. A private elevator spoke of lots of money buying lots of privacy.
With a ping, they arrived at wherever it was they were going. The elevator doors opened with the quietest of whooshes. In front of them, across a very large hall, was a door worthy of the gate of a fortress. Twelve feet high at least, made of shiny steel.
The men around her filed out, fanning out into a security perimeter, but Grace stood still, eyes fixed on the ground, trying to control her trembling. Drake stood beside her, unmoving.
“Boss…” one of the men said. The men were obviously quivering with eagerness to get him behind those huge steel doors.
“Go now, I’m fine,” Drake said quietly. They didn’t look happy, but they did it. They were used to obeying this man.
Drake pushed a button and the doors of the elevator closed again.
Grace stepped back and looked him full in the face. He winced a little at what he saw on hers.
“You’re frightened.” The deep voice was soft. He lifted a large, blood-stained hand to her cheek. His touch was soft, though she could feel the callouses on his fingertips. “I’m sorry about that. I’m sorry about everything. More than I have words for. You’ve become involved in…a business dispute through no fault of your own. You’ve lost a friend and you’re hurt. I cannot tell you how much I regret this. But it’s done. And now you need to be kept safe from my enemies and you need medical care. All of this exists and is waiting for you behind that door you saw.”
She stared at him numbly. Though his touch had been fleeting, she still felt the warmth along her cheek.
For all she knew, this was a serial killer just waiting to entice her into his fortress. Certainly he had dealings with criminals. It was entirely possible he was a criminal himself. But the regret in his voice sounded sincere. And he wasn’t pushing her out of the elevator and into whatever was behind that door. Something in his stance told her that he would be willing to stay here forever, dripping blood on the floor, until she left the elevator of her own free will.
He swayed slightly, then brought himself back upright. The muscles in his jaw worked. There was a soft plop and when Grace looked down, another drop of bright red blood joined the small puddle on the floor.
Oh my God. He was badly wounded, he’d lost a lot of blood. He was barely standing, his forehead was beaded with sweat. And yet here he was, standing with her until she took a decision, patiently waiting for her.
Grace wasn’t too good with people, but like many introverts, she was an observer. What she saw before her was patience and regret with an overlay of pain and fatigue. No cruelty or craziness.
“Okay,” she said softly. “Let’s go in.”

Lisa Marie’s Interview
BK: Welcome Lisa Marie!
What is sure to distract you from sitting down and working/writing?

LMR: Ah, the internet, undoubtedly. I’m a news junkie, alas. Hooked. Addicted. In the morning, I have this little ritual of checking favourite sites—the Guardian, New York Times, Washington Post, La Repubblica, Andrew Sullivan, The Daily Beast, Newser, Huffington Post, Drudgereport. It takes a while for me to scroll through the sites to see what’s been going on in the world. It’s often depressing, but I can’t seem to shake the habit. Most of the time, you despair about the world. And then you read about earthquake victims helping each other, the rescue of a brave ship’s captain by equally brave SEALs and you think…yeah. It’s an interesting world and it isn’t all bad.

Every morning I tell myself that I’ll get in my 2000 words FIRST and THEN I can check to see if the world has imploded/exploded yet, but it rarely works. And there’s always something happening. Just as I got over the Presidential elections, along comes the economic panic…

However, once I’ve got my daily dose of news, and I’m at the keyboard for a story, I don’t stop until I’ve at least finished the scene.

BK: It is indeed an interesting world. And you aren’t the first guest author this month to answer that question in a similar fashion. Seems the Internet is a writer’s friend and greatest challenge. 🙂
What are you working on presently? What about upcoming releases?

LMR: Right now I’m working on what will be a trilogy for Avon Red and I’m excited about the story. It’s tentatively entitled Crossfire and the tagline is The Protectors. Three men who are closer than brothers, who grew up in a brutal foster home and have each other’s back. It’s really fun and interesting writing about a close bond among men. And the women they fall in love with bond as well.

I think there are very few of us who wouldn’t want a tight relationship with people they’d trust with their lives, and have done so. The three men have in common the fact that they will fight brutality and cruelty wherever they find it, whatever the cost. And you do not, repeat do not, touch their women!

Crossfire will be coming out in spring 2010.

My next book, DANGEROUS PASSION, comes out on August 4, 2009, and is a departure. The first introduction to the hero, Drake, is in Dangerous Lover. He is a dangerous man, a complete loner, who has risen to the top of a criminal empire. He has no one in his life because his enemies would go after anyone he loved. And yet love, unexpectedly, comes to him.It is far and away the most romantic thing I’ve ever written and I hope readers enjoy it!

BK: Both books/series sound extremely hot and romantic, which I have so got to have in my stories. And the protectors–I’m such a sucker for an alpha male who will protect his woman at all costs. Best of luck with both!
What’s the best compliment you ever got on your writing or a book?

LMR: I get a lot of really lovely fan mail from readers and have a number of favourites. But the one that struck a chord in my heart was a reader who wrote that she read one of my books at the death bed of her father because it made her feel better, helped her through the crisis. I can relate because I read a number of books that uplifted me at the bedside of my dying mother. Any writer feels uplifted knowing she’s giving comfort and hope to a reader. It’s essentially what reading and writing are all about. Making you feel better, less lonely, more connected to your fellow humans.

BK: An incredibly poignant compliment, Lisa Marie.
If you could time travel to any time or place—the past or future—where and when would you go to, and why?

LMR: Well, that’s a real tough one. I’ve read a lot of history, enough not to have any illusions that life was somehow better in the past, particularly for a woman. Though there are plenty of fascinating periods in the past, periods of glory where great deeds were done, they were also rife with intolerance and a lack of status for women. Even the wonderful Regency period, so elegant and fascinating, was a period where slavery was big business, women had literally no rights and (the kicker) modern dentistry hadn’t yet been invented, so you just kept your toothache. Not to mention the fact that I’m extremely sensitive to smells and a period where people washed once a month…nope, sorry.

And the future? Here, too, I’m not entirely convinced we’re heading toward a bright and glorious future (see my news addiction above). I’m old enough to have seen a lot of things deteriorate in my lifetime, so I have to really work to keep hopeful. Right now is a really interesting time. I wonder whether we’ll have a new, gentler society once the recession is over. I believe very strongly in community ties, in service to others, in putting people ahead of things, and it seems to me that, after a long dry spell, green shoots are starting to sprout.

So I guess I’ll stay in the here and the now.

BK: A practical…and wise response, Lisa Marie. Thank you for joining us here today!

Be sure to leave Lisa Marie a comment/question to qualify for a free download of A Fine Specimen! And yes…enter that big ol’ Daring Time Contest if you haven’t already.

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