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Erotic Romance Sensual Romance Silhouette Special Edition
Take a Stranger No More
Adventures of the St. Claire Servants, Book 1
Erotic Romance
~ Ménage a trois ~
Samhain Publishing
April 29, 2008




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Take A Stranger No More

Once a servant…now the master.

Kit Chevalier has a serious problem. She’s loved Max St. Clair, her sinfully handsome guardian, since she was a child of six and he a young man of nineteen. But now he stubbornly refuses to notice that she’s grown into a woman. Armed with a few shocking secrets from Max’s servant, Kit sets out to persuade him she is no longer a child.

Long ago, Max was a servant himself, indentured like all St. Clair princelings to a noble family in order to teach them humility…and how to best pleasure their masters in bed. Once indentured to Kit’s parents, he is now pledged to protect Kit—and her virtue—until he can honorably hand her off to a suitable husband.

And hand her off he will. Quickly, before he loses his weakening resolve to keep his own hands off her. The last thing he wants to do is expose the fragile beauty to the carnal appetites of his ancient line.

But Max underestimates Kit’s resolve—and the passionate fires that burn within her are every bit a match for his own.

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Audie glanced back nervously toward the east wall after he’d wiped off the razor he held with a towel. Surely Kit wasn’t spying, was she? No, of course not, he assured himself uneasily. Kit usually slept until well past eight.

“Must be rats in the wall,” Audie murmured before he straddled Max’s long legs and tilted his master’s jaw to shave his neck.

He’d shaved Max for countless mornings, ever since he’d first come to England from Boston four years ago. First he shaved Max’s genital area when he rose from the bath. Then he shaved his master’s face while Max sat at his breakfast table. The two had fallen into a familiar, efficient routine in regard to Max’s morning grooming ritual.

Stangael was north of London and not far from Cambridge where Audie attended college. Since he’d been sent to serve Max as a St. Claire servant he was expected to return to Stangael every weekend. It rarely felt like an onerous duty to Audie. Stangael had become Audie’s second home and he had come to love serving Max.

Max’s compelling, near-black eyes studied the far wall as he leaned back and Audie resumed shaving him. “You covered that oculus in the room next door after the last time it was used, didn’t you?”

Audie started at the question but thankfully refrained from cutting Max again.

“Of course. There’s been no need to use it for awhile now. Madame Heloise said that the young woman she sent over a year ago was inexperienced in regard to two men, so you allowed her to watch one night to ensure that it was her desire to join us. Remember?”

Max grunted his assent. “She was not an easy one to forget.”

Audie grinned as he moved closer between Max’s legs and tilted his jaw in the other direction. “You specifically requested her after you saw her at Madame Heloise’s establishment,” he reminisced, referring to the luxurious bordello in London where Max occasionally visited or from which he occasionally arranged a woman to be sent to Stangael for an evening of pleasure.

Audie knew that the general populace would slap a nasty descriptor like “bugger” on both Max and himself for their sexual preferences but the reality was actually much more subtle. In truth Audie possessed a more classic bisexual nature than his master, enjoying males and females as sexual partners equally.

Max, on the other hand, was more interested in women than men. He did not, for instance, seek out other men to fulfill his needs other than Audie. But he took his training of Audie very seriously and certainly had always taken his full pleasure in the sexual aspects of it. Still Audie knew how much Max looked forward to having a female in bed, especially a woman who didn’t take offense at the fact that he wanted his servant in that bed as well. Although Max was considered to be one of the most desirable bachelors in Europe, he refrained from taking a lover on a long-term basis while Audie was his servant. He was unwilling to reveal such an intimate aspect of the St. Claire lifestyle to someone too narrow-minded or intolerant to understand.

“I don’t recall her name…” Max muttered distractedly, obviously still thinking about the woman that Madame Heloise had sent to Stangael. “…but she had the most beautiful red hair…”

Audie glanced down at Max’s lap. His cock swelled into painful hardness. He could tell by the growing tent pole beneath Max’s robe that the memory of the little redhead aroused him. Audie knew firsthand that only his master’s robe covered all that gleaming dusky skin and hard male flesh.

Since becoming a St. Claire servant Audie had developed a serious fetish for dark-eyed, swarthy-skinned male lovers. None of them ever matched up to Max in magnetic good looks or bold, confident manner. Audie often found, however, that an Italian, French or Spanish lover had a sensual nature that was unequaled in his Anglo peers. Max was technically only half Spanish on his mother’s side but his father had been a dark-skinned Englishmen with French ancestral roots. Marcus St. Claire had been nearly as handsome and compelling as his son if the portrait of him in the Grand Hall of Stangael was even remotely accurate.

“She had the most luscious little breasts,” Audie added, thinking it wouldn’t hurt his cause to stoke his master’s arousal into a fire. He slowly scraped off the last of the shaving cream, not wanting to move away from Max at that moment. “Remember how sensitive her nipples were by the end of the night? She shook in climax in our arms just from having us each suck a sweet tip,” Audie recalled, his voice growing husky from arousal.

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