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Erotic Romance Sensual Romance Silhouette Special Edition
Subtle Voyage
Subtle Lovers, Book 5
~ Ménage a Trois or More ~
Ellora's Cave
September 10, 2008




Ellora's Cave
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Subtle Voyage

Aileen wonders if she’s fallen into an X-rated version of Alice in Wonderland as she excavates a Neolithic chamber with sexy Dr. Saya Lange. She has the strangest feeling Saya can read all her secret desires like bold print…and what’s more, wants to make them come true.

Saya must wield a wickedly potent brand of sex magic because on the Venus-lit night of the Winter Solstice Aileen finds herself leading Saya and four other gorgeous men into the ancient chamber for a night of uninhibited sexual pleasure.

And maybe her imagination has gone as wild as her libido but she’s starting to suspect these males are too divine to be mere men.

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Things were a little crowded in the stone room, Aileen realized, especially since the five men were of such large proportions. Once they were inside, her anxiety got the better of her. She tried her best to ignore the fact that Leo matter-of-factly spread the sleeping bags on the earthen chamber floor as she examined the night sky from the narrow roof box.

“Venus should shine down through the opening into the chamber in a half hour or so,” she said breathlessly. When she turned around, her eyes immediately found Saya in the small room. He sat on the sleeping bag, his long, jean-clad legs bent in front of her, leaning against one of the white quartz slabs that made up the walls of the room.

“Come here,” he said calmly.

Aileen glanced around nervously, aware that the four other men stood in various places about the chamber, the tops of their heads nearly brushing the low capstones of the ceiling. The brilliance of the night sky filtering in both through the entryway and the narrow sky box in addition to the stark white walls made the small space surprisingly bright.

They all watched her with rigid, steady stares that made her nipples feel prickly and achy against the material of her bra. Her sex throbbed and flushed with heat as she slowly moved toward Saya. When he held up his arms she knelt and went into them without hesitation. He widened his thighs and pulled her against him, groin to groin, belly to belly.

Emotion overwhelmed her as she pressed against his hard, vibrant body and his rich, male scent enveloped her. Her face burrowed against his chest, her eyes clamped shut. She felt his hand in her hair, soothing her, as if he understood her riotous emotions. A desire that felt completely foreign to her in its strength seemed to rise in her chest and throat. She made a choking, sobbing sound, her lack of control mortifying her.

“Shhh,” Saya whispered. He spread his hands on each side of her head and lifted her face to him. Aileen watched dazedly as he bent and began to tenderly ravage her lips.

She whimpered at the onslaught of pleasure that followed and closed her eyes.

He proceeded to make love to her mouth as though it were the most delicious morsel that he’d ever tasted. He tilted her jaws down, forcing her to open so that he could sink his tongue between her lips.

A low groan vibrated Saya’s throat as he surrounded himself in her heat and taste. He firmed his hold and tilted his mouth to get a new angle on her, his tongue plunging and dominating, thoroughly be-spelled by the sweetness of her essence and her generous responsiveness. Their kiss became wild and ravenous.

Aileen completely forgot about the other men in the chamber. Only Saya existed—his possessive tongue, the exquisite suction of his mouth, his hard chest, the stony ridge of his erection that pressed against her belly and achy pussy. She was so lost in the erotic spell that Saya’s kiss cast on her that she was thoroughly disoriented when he determinedly sealed the kiss and leaned the back of his head against the quartz wall.

“You’re delicious Aileen,” he muttered gruffly. “You almost made me forget about the arrival of the evening star.” His long forefingers caressed her brow and then pressed down gently on her eyelids.

“Saya?” she murmured in rising confusion.

“I want you to sleep right now.”

Sleep? Aileen thought blankly. Her vagina clenched over an aching emptiness. She could feel the heat of Saya’s swollen erection throbbing into her.

Why would she want to sleep, of all things?

The next morning she told herself that she had imagined what happened next. Saya’s sensual mouth never moved but she heard his voice clear and sharp as audible crystal in her mind.

I want you to sleep he said with a patient authority. He smiled at her look of amazement and lightly brushed his fingertips over her eyelids. Trust me, Aileen. My men and I are going to make sure that you have the loveliest, most realistic dreams of your life.

And then she slept…as if the only rational her body required was that Saya Lange had said that he wanted it.

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