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Erotic Romance Sensual Romance Silhouette Special Edition
Subtle Touch
Subtle Lovers, Book 2
Erotic Romance
Ellora's Cave
April 13, 2007
ISBN-13: 9781419960840
ISBN-10: 1419960849




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Ellora's Cave
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Subtle Touch

Asmoday is back.

This time he’s determined to wreak havoc on his hated enemies, the Ammadons, through the dangerous medium of the Astral Plane. What better way to seek revenge and regain his physical body than through the divine doorway of one of those gifted, powerful women who has the ability to become a Watcher mate? Actress Sophia Galanis is the perfect prey because she doesn’t know what she really is—or what she has the power to become.

Subtle Touch

ebook cover

The last thing that Che Ammadon has on his mind the night he challenges Asmoday’s corrupt spirit is finding his life mate. Every Watcher longs to find such a gifted, exceptional woman, whose essence is rarified enough to acknowledge his existence on the physical plane—a woman who could confer him with no less than a fully corporeal body with her sexual response. Asmoday wants Sophia’s power for his own and will gladly kill her to get it. But Che isn’t known as the foremost warrior among the Watchers for nothing. Now that he’s found Sophia, no force of nature—be it supernatural or merely Sophia’s stubborn nature—will keep him from completely possessing what is his.

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The heat from the fire almost felt tangible to Sophia as she studied Che Ammadon’s starkly handsome profile while he conversed with Tony. She gave a deep sigh, not sure if she was bereft or relieved that she wasn’t presently the object of his intense, intoxicating attention. She sipped her wine and swallowed languorously. All the while, her eyes detailed the outline of Che’s magnetic features and the breadth of his shoulders and back as he leaned forward in his chair. She felt an overwhelming urge to run her hand through his glossy, burnished hair, knowing it would feel thick and sensual between her fingers, warmed as it was by the fire. His vibrant, sun-kissed skin would also feel wonderful against her appreciative fingertips, so smooth and dense. A heavy, pleasant torpor seemed to slide over her consciousness.

That’s right, honey. Relax. Let go.

Without thinking about what she was doing, Sophia uncrossed her legs. Her thighs opened. She almost groaned out loud. It was if the fire-warmed air around her had thickened and congealed into form. She felt an arousing sensation, like tingling electricity, on her cheeks, breasts, and belly, but most acutely against the suddenly needy piece of sensitive flesh at her sex. Her hips wiggled experimentally. She bit her lip as the forbidden sensation slowly unfurled, and warmth escalated to a simmering, erotic burn that required pressure. Immediately. Her eyes widened. Good Lord, what the hell was wrong with her? She glanced over at Che, then guiltily over at Tony. But they both seemed involved in their conversation about how the air cleansing invention, something that had been originally designed on a small scale with reference to the teraforming of other planets, was currently being practically adapted as a precautionary safety device for coal miners who constantly worked with the threat of collapsed mines and subsequent suffocation.

Sophia’s breath drew in sharply. She didn’t fully trust her own brain at that moment, but she’d just felt fingers caress the side of her neck, fire-kissed, calloused, thoroughly hypnotizing fingertips. Every sensory nerve in her body leapt into a state of alert pleasure. Her head unconsciously tilted into the touch. Her eyelids flickered closed. She couldn’t have repeated the actual content of what Che said as he conversed with Tony, but she was utterly focused on his deep, authoritative voice. Her being seemed to ride and flow with the mesmerizing sound, even as his words seemed to glide over her, pitching her senses into acute excitement. Of course, it was impossible for a voice to make love. But Sophia vaguely acknowledged that was exactly what was happening.

The disembodied fingertips soothingly, sensually stroked her neck, than lowered with agonizing slowness until they caressed the upper slope of her left breast. Sophia held her breath in tense expectation. Her nipples pulled tight in anticipation. Her clit seemed to alternate between a friction-mandating tickle and a hot throb, stimulating her beyond belief. She felt it with amazing clarity, the slide of fingertips across her appreciative skin, the erotic rasp of masculine, slightly rough flesh against her feminine softness. She stifled her gasp when they feathered one erect nipple, then closed around it and pinched with gentle, exquisite precision. An arrow of desire shot down to her sex, causing an even greater pinch of pleasure at her clit. Her eyes sprang open wide, because the pressure there thickened even further, until it felt like the long, hard ridge of a finger pressing against her.

Bizarrely, everything looked exactly as it should be. Night had eclipsed her view of the lake, but Sophia could still hear the regular rhythm of waves breaking on the beach as she gasped desperately for air. She dazedly noticed Tony’s expression of resentment mixed with grudging respect as Che answered one of his questions in a manner that was at once comprehensible, intelligent, and concise. Sophia’s eyes narrowed as she studied Che. He seemed utterly focused on the conversation.

It’s an illusion, Sophia. I’m utterly focused on you.

Sophia almost choked out loud in disbelief. She had heard his voice perfectly, although Tony was currently speaking and Che’s entire attention seemed to be on the other man.

She felt a stubble roughened chin erotically abrade the tender skin of her neck, as though he were pressing his face to her and inhaling her scent deeply. The air seemed to shift and thicken around her mouth, and then she clearly sensed firm lips tasting her own. Her heart fluttered erratically in her chest, because all the while, her breasts and her clit was being stroked and played by masterful fingers. The fire in her was building and building. Sophia knew that the only way to extinguish such an inferno was to allow it to reach its natural peak of eruption. She became aware of a droplet of sweat running between the valley of her breasts. A small, muffled sound of aroused desperation came from her throat.


Fragrant, warm air rushed across her sensitized lips. Damp, slightly rough flesh tenderly licked the drop of sweat off between her breasts. Several seconds passed in painful anticipation as she sensed him savoring her taste. Then she felt his tongue slowly, deliberately follow the path of the moisture.

Sophia glanced downward sharply. But all she saw was her own, familiar body in the chair. Nobody and nothing was touching her. Anxiety hammered at her heart, but Sophia couldn’t say what was causing her the most unrest, panic or impending orgasm.

Oh God, I’m losing my mind.

It’s alright, honey. You’re not crazy. You know that’s true.

But I can’t just…

I’ll distract his attention. Just let go. I’ll keep you safe. No one will ever know, now or in the future, when I’m loving you.


No. Trust me in this.

Sophia blinked. His words had been uttered into her mind with startling authority. Then her head fell back against the hard wood of the chair. She hadn’t consciously submitted, but the pleasure of what was happening to her was too enormous to be denied. She clearly felt the length of a thick, long, stony cock pressing and rubbing between the desire-swollen, slick lips of her outer sex. The amount of pressure applied was perfect…exquisite. She clearly saw it in her mind. She heard the wet, slight sucking sound of hard, unyielding flesh sliding against her giving, wet, delicate tissues, man against woman–hot, pressing, stony flesh, gliding and rocking and throbbing against her.

The knowledge of how to breathe escaped her.

Then he dipped lower, and the clearly defined ridge of the head of the invisible penis slid along her clit, once…then twice. A roaring sounded in her ears, but it was only unmoving air that made the overwhelming noise.

And she was coming.

“…at the very top of that mountain to the right of the harbor. See, where those lights are up there among the trees?”

Sophia stared in utter confusion a moment later as Tony pointed to the right of them and exquisite aftershocks of pleasure quivered through her body. God, what had just happened? What had she just done? Her eyes flashed in dawning disbelief to Che. He was leaning back casually in his chair, the image of confident male insouciance. He nodded with his gaze fixed on where Tony indicated in the distance.

“Your friend must have a beautiful view from up there,” he murmured in a mellow voice.

“He does. It’s a shame he only uses the house a few weeks out of the year…”

Tony’s voice faded into incomprehensibility. Thank God. Neither of them seemed to realize that she’d just had a thunderous orgasm while they chatted and sipped cocktails. Why in the world would she think that Che had been privy to her experience anyway? Was she becoming delusional in addition to having hallucinations? She set down her wine glass with a dull thud on the arm of the chair.

A thick wave of fear broke over her awareness when she glanced at Che again and he was still engaged with Tony in casual banter. What was wrong with her? Did someone slip a drug in her wine? Disjointed thoughts of brain tumors and madness flickered across her numb awareness. God, was this the first stages of early Alzheimer’s, or maybe some rare middle-aged psychosis? Che abruptly reached out and encircled her hand in his.

Sophia’s eyes darted downward in shock, checking to see if her sensations would match what she saw this time. And yes, her hand was definitely in Che’s. The caress felt warm, like it was meant to be comforting, but Sophia’s mind was in too much of a tumult to take it that way. By the time Tony turned back to face them, he’d let go of her.

Che gritted his teeth in frustration when Sophia suddenly lunged upward. He saw the whites of her large eyes as her gaze skittered over him.

“I, um…need to…excuse me, but I’m not feeling well. I’ll see you at home, Tony,” she said with abrupt finality before she turned and walked into the restaurant.

Tony couldn’t help but feel modicum of grim satisfaction when he saw Che Ammadon noticeably blanch beneath his tan.” Don’t feel too bad about it, man. Sophia Galanis isn’t exactly the type of woman who warms up to a guy easily.”

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